Did you just move into a new house with a whole load of tools, clothes, furniture, and electronics? Do not worry! Closet & Storage Concepts has it all for you. They organize your stuff for you with their exceptional designs and installations that suit your tastes and preferences, leaving you room for more. As noted by Closet and Storage Concepts, you do not have to remodel your home because they can create more space and room for your home office, extra tools, and even utensils. Santa Rosa Stor-All Storage Concept is a pioneer in the custom storage industry. 

Below are the services that Closet and Storage Concepts offers;

Custom Measurements

A well-organized, spacious, and just the right size closet is ideal for every home. Besides,  custom closets are unique and easily made with unparalleled efficiency. At Closet and storage concepts, you can get the correct measurements for your wardrobe, which you can set up alone. It’s worth mentioning that you can get measurements based on the size of your home or the size and design you want. You may wish to have measures for the main bedroom closet, the tiny walk-in closet, and even the “do-it-yourself closet”; you may also need kitchen cabinets and shelving for excellent organization in the house. Well, they are all available; it all depends on the kind of closet you want.

Thankfully, there are reach-in, small walk-in, medium walk-in, and large walk-in closets to meet the needs of different consumers. Each of these closets features a range of dimensions, including;

  •  6ft x 8ft x 24inches 
  • 4ft x 8ft x 4ft
  •  7ft x 9ft x 6ft
  •  12ft x 14ft x 7 ft respectively.

It is essential to focus on the height and width of your closet and cabinets and, more importantly, its depth. Deep cabinets usually take up very little space and do the job.


With a team of experts who create and bring excellent designs, closet and storage concepts give their customers the best designs to accommodate them according to their preferences and taste. The closets designed by the team provide space for every garment and accessory in your bedroom, giving you an organized and attractive space. Closet and Storage Concepts have wowed their customers with fantastic designs that include melamine and laminate finishes, and their systems make closets customizable to the customer’s needs. Do you need a wall bed design? You do not need to remodel your home because it’s expensive and time-consuming. Instead, Closet and storage concepts can design great wall beds that are comfortable and provide more space than you need. They can also deliver top-tier murphy beds and folding beds.

What’s more, they can help you design spaces like;

  • Garage to create more space for furniture and parking. Note that custom garage systems include shelving for storage and garage wall cabinets for tools and toys.
  •  Need space for a home office? They can create space for a home office by providing the right furniture and accessories necessary to organize your home office items.
  • They can also help you design functional and efficient laundry spaces.
  • You can rely on closet and storage concepts for kitchen pantries that meets all your kitchen storage options.
  • Also, their upper cabinets, especially in the kitchen, can add additional storage spaces that are safe for storing fragile kitchenware away from youngsters.
  • Beyond that, the accessories necessary for these designs do not take away from their aesthetic appeal. Instead, they compliment the space with unique touches.
  • They have many designs ideal for furnishing showrooms and commercial projects.


They provide measurements and designs for cabinets and storage spaces and have a specially trained team to install the things they make. The closet and storage design team handle the installation of shelving, closets, and cabinets. Need a home theater with attractive furniture for your electronics? Closet Concepts can provide the exact design that suits you appropriately and attractively.

The closet systems design accommodates clothes and even shoes depending on the customers’ requirements. With their designs, they can perfectly organize spaces for their clients to create spacious and comfortable rooms. Moreover, they are equipped with accessories to support their installations and provide the most attractive and convenient solutions to storage space problems.

With their new technology, Zero-Edge technology, they have managed to make the installation cleaner and create invisible adhesive joints; the machine uses compressed heated air to activate the adhesive layers.

That said, design concepts today call for a touch of personalization to provide aesthetically appealing spaces while delivering as much functionality as possible.

By Manali