Nothing can be more frustrating than waking up one morning and realizing that the air conditioner is not cooling the room. As the temperature is rising in Texas, it’s an indication that summer is around the corner. Quite surprisingly, this is the time when most air conditioners end up showing some or other issue. Therefore, before the summer hits, homeowners should make sure that their air conditioner is in working condition. If the air conditioner is showing certain signs, then homeowners need to call a professional for AC repair in Arlington Texas.

When to call a professional AC repair service or HVAC service?

Well, to understand whether the ac is running fine or not, one does not need to have much experience and skills. Homeowners just need to identify small issues at an early stage to avoid costly repair services in the future. Before calling a professional for AC repair in Arligton Texas, one needs to identify the following signs:

  • Air conditioners emit warm air instead of cool air

If one morning one finds out that the ac is blowing warm air, then one should check the thermostat first. One should make sure that the AC is running in cooling mode and is set to a lower temperature than the actual temperature of the room. If the issue persists, one needs to seek professional help.

  • Lack of proper airflow

Insufficient airflow often indicates that there is some blockage in the ductwork. Lack of proper airflow can also happen from a clogged air filter, a broken motor, or anything more severe. A professional can help find the root cause of such inconvenience and suggest the best possible solution to troubleshoot the issue.

  • High humidity

High humidity in the outdoors is a common thing in the summer and spring. But this does not mean that even with an air conditioning system inside the house, people inside the rooms are experiencing the same amount of humidity. If the cooling system is unable to keep the moisture level under control, it might need repair.

  • Bad odors coming out of the ac duct

If one finds an unusual pungent smell inside a room that is evident every time the AC is switched on, it’s probably coming from the air conditioning system. In that case, one needs to call a reliable HVAC service to get a quick diagnosis of the AC system. The professional might use UV lamps to eliminate microbial growth within the system if any or conduct throughout cleaning of the duct to address the odor issue.

  • Unusual noises

No matter how expensive the air conditioner is, almost every ac makes some noise when switched on. However, if one hears loud and unusual noises too often, this might indicate that there is some serious issue with the cooling system.


If a homeowner experiences any of the issues mentioned above, it’s time that the air conditioning system needs a professional tune-up. There are multiple agencies offering AC repair in Arlington, Texas. One just needs to do a quick search online and hire the best agency available near the location.

By Manali