I am super laid back when it comes to cleaning my bathroom. It is the place that gets the dirtiest daily; if you have kids at home, then it becomes even more difficult to maintain the bathroom. I live in Ghaziabad and travel to Delhi for work, so I am mostly in a hurry every morning. Thus, I decided to contact NoBroker home cleaning service in Ghaziabad. The bathroom is also an essential part of your house and carries more bacteria or germs than the rest of the space. Keeping it clean would keep you healthy and make you feel good about the house’s hygiene. A clean bathroom will also leave a good impression on your guests, and with the festive season knocking at the door, you would need professional bathroom cleaning services in Ghaziabad

How Did I Come to Know About NoBroker Bathroom Cleaning Service in Ghaziabad

I am new to the Ghaziabad area and have little idea about the facilities available here. I had been searching for a bathroom cleaning service in Ghaziabad for some time and decided to search online. I came across NoBroker home cleaning services in Ghaziabad, which also provided services in the NCR area. I researched and read some NoBroker paid service reviews online to ensure I chose the right service. To my satisfaction, I got numerous promising reviews about the company. 

My Experience with Nobroker Bathroom Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad

Trust me when I say this– I did not know my bathroom could look so perfectly clean after months of seeing it just moderately clean. I thought I was doing my job well, but NoBroker’s made me realise what professionals are for. They were super punctual and properly dressed. They carried everything from cleaning agents to mops and ensured every corner was squeaky clean. The bathroom felt fresh as a daisy and smelled like lemons and flowers. Not only this, my bathroom still looks super tidy and clean even after weeks. I recommend this bathroom cleaning service in Ghaziabad. 

5 Reasons to Hire NoBroker Bathroom Cleaning Service in Ghaziabad

Cost-effective & Attractive Offers: After spending some months here, I understand why some might feel that bathroom cleaning services in Ghaziabad might be expensive. I thought the same before reading NoBroker’s paid service review online. NoBroker was super affordable and had some extremely attractive offers to make your wallet happy. They have no hidden charges, and everything is listed in detail from their side. 

Punctual Cleaning Partners: I scheduled the appointment for a Sunday at noon, and NoBroker’s cleaning partners were on time. They did minimal calling for addresses and were super polite to us. NoBroker has a no-cost rescheduling option, and you can cancel and reschedule for another date and time without bearing any penalties.

Cleaned Everything: They cleaned everything and every corner of the bathroom with different cleaning agents for different places. They cleaned the mirror off of the stubborn stains using their professional tool. My sink needed deep cleaning as it gets clogged every other day. The workers knew my problem and brought special tools to unclog the sink and thoroughly clean the faucets. They also cleaned the Cabinets and shelves, floors, and wall tiles. The whole bathroom was shining by the end of the process.

Germ-Free Sanitization: After the bathroom had been thoroughly cleaned, they carried out bathroom sanitation, which involved scrubbing the room and using disinfectants to ensure no bacteria could survive. They even explained how to maintain hygiene and cleanliness over time.

Maintained Hygiene: The cleaning staff came wearing proper uniforms with masks and surgical caps. They kept sanitising their hands and ensured they created no mess outside the bathroom. They used gloves to clean everything, relieving me of hygiene concerns. 

Being very obsessive with having a clean bathroom is one of the reasons why an unclean bathroom really bothers me a lot. Fortunately, I found NoBroker who provide comprehensive bathroom cleaning services in Ghaziabad and having used their service multiple times, I am confident that their teams do a great job every single time! If you are searching for reliable cleaning services in Ghaziabad, you can visit NoBroker.in to book a free visit from cleaning experts today!

By Manali