There are a number of benefits that come with making the switch to vegan produce. It is more ethical, it can have a large benefit on the environment and you tend to find that you don’t spend as much either. Of course, there is a common misconception that amongst the benefits, there is a clear negative which is that the food options available to you are not as good. The fact of the matter is that when you go vegan, you still have access to a huge range of different delicious food that can act as a substitute to a popular meat or ingredient. This article is going to discuss what these different ingredients are. 

Tips for When Preparing This Food 

Though this food is a good substitute, using it in the right way so that it can have the desired effect can be tricky. Different fruits for example are reasonably temperamental, so some tips that can help the food preparation process are: 

  • Be patient: you simply need to take your time with some of these things. It won’t always be perfect but as long as you acknowledge that you should be fine. 
  • Take a break: pick up a hobby such as reading, meditating or gaming on the likes of the best online casinos Australia has to offer when cooking or in between dishes. Having a moment to unwind and distract yourself will help with the overall process. 
  • Try different recipes: some recipes and preparation methods you will enjoy and others you won’t, buy a range of cookbooks and visit a variety of websites to branch out with your cooking methods. 

Best Alternatives 

So, what actually are some of the best alternatives that are available for you when going vegan? They include but are not limited to:

  • Jackfruit 

Very tasty and cheap, jackfruit is a great ingredient to use that usually comes in cans and can be stored in your cupboard. It has been used in Asia for decades and has only recently made its way to other countries. It is a great alternative for the likes of pork because the shredded texture is reasonably similar. It can also be prepared to resemble tuna too. 

  • Aquafaba 

Aquafaba is chickpea water and it is often used as a substitute for egg whites when baking. It is very effective as a lot of great bakers have managed to create tasty meringues, macarons and mousses that taste delicious and are completely vegan. 

  • Tofu 

Tofu is made from soybeans and is an incredibly popular substitute that is used for meat because it has a lot of protein. The variety is often used for the likes of savoury dishes and then it can also be used to mimic the likes of scrambled eggs. You will often also find it in sweet products like puddings or bakes. This is probably one of the most popular meat substitutes that is out there and it is not hard to see why given how versatile it is. 

By Manali