Just as social media has been used to spread entertainment, it can and has also been used to drive lifestyle changes and choices. One of these lifestyle choices has been veganism and a move to a plant-based diet. This article examines how it has spread and continued to grow and how social media is more responsible for lifestyle choices than you may realize.

A large number of people on social media

Approximately 4.5 billion people use social media, and they have become the platforms of choice for many out there to share, inform, have fun and create a personal brand through which to market themselves. People share more on social media, and you can now watch people gaming, playing at the best online casino, sporting, cooking, having fun, and just about anything is now shared, posted, and then liked and re-shared – it’s how trends start and are maintained. 

How this social sharing has led to the rise in veganism

There is a huge number of users on Instagram, Facebook, and numerous blogs and Facebook sites dedicated to sharing both recipes, cooking styles, and processes as well as the end product. TikTok users share pictures of food and the enjoyment thereof. These blogs and social media sites have arguably democratized veganism, showing that it is not as complicated nor as expensive as people first thought.


It has become rather fashionable to be healthier, and one of the biggest lifestyle choices or changes that is being made is in what and how people eat. Then once you’ve made these choices, you feel that you need to share this on social media. Celebrities share everything from the games that they play at the best online casino to what they eat on a daily basis.

Celebrities and influencers became vegan

As social media spreads, there have been numerous celebrities who have now openly stated that they are now vegan and vegetarian and also noted their reasons for this. From Moby, the musician who has ‘Vegan for life’ tattooed on his neck, to Lewis Hamilton, who is ultra-fit and healthy they have all stated their preference for a plant-based diet. The range and type of celebrity that has gone for veganism is wide and varied, and as such, it leads to the same type and range of people following them into this lifestyle. As the demand grows for veganism, so too does the availability of product. There are now more vegan and plant-based foods available to meet the celebrity demand, but also the demand by the general public for food that is healthier and more sustainable for our environment.

Veganism is on the rise and expected to continue growing and this, as shown herein, has a lot to do with social media and how more people have shared the lifestyle changes they are making on social. The more of these changes that are shared on social media, the more influence that these celebrities have to change lifestyles.

By Manali