Knoxville is one of the best cities for anyone looking for a change of pace. Tucked into the Smoky Mountains, you can find a lot of fun, excitement, and work here that makes it a fantastic place to live.

If you love coffee, you’ll never find anywhere better.  

These are the best neighborhoods in Knoxville for coffee lovers, and why it’s a big deal here! 

Why Move to Knoxville?

If you’re considering Knoxville but you’re not sure if it’s right, don’t stress! This city is perfect for countless reasons beyond its awesome coffee spots. Knoxville real estate is some of the most affordable in the country, which is awesome because you’re surrounded by nonstop beauty and nature. 

From the Tennessee River to the Smoky Mountains and countless parks, you’ll find a little piece of paradise for yourself. Although the summers can get hot, and the winters may be chilly, you get the most out of every season, and it makes every year feel whole here. 

1. North Knoxville

North Knoxville is awesome because it has multiple affordable but delicious spots to go. From K BRew, which is so laid back that it has hammocks inside the store, to Old City Java, which has a more gourmet approach, you’ll find a hot or iced cup of joe that fits your needs.

2. Marble City

This area on the western side of Knoxville has the most popular coffee shop in the city. Capybara is a chill and trendy spot that has the best coffee blends, drink styles, and baristas you can find. Not only are the drinks here delicious, but they’re also affordable for anyone on any budget. 

Beyond that shop, there’s also the Golden Roast Melrose! This coffee shop is best beloved because of its pastries and  other breakfast fare. At Golden Roast, you can get breakfast with your drink instead of having to pick it up elsewhere. 

3. East Knoxville

East Knoxville has awesome coffee as well! Here you’ll find famous shops like Perk City, which has some of the best flavors you’ll find. Their original drinks, and new flavors, are great: and they even have seasonal drinks that ensure you can have the best taste of whatever time of year you’re in. This neighborhood is also famous for having the Knoxville Zoo in it, which can be a fun stop after coffee!

What Makes Coffee Places so Important?

Coffee places are awesome for so much more than the drinks they serve! Not only are these awesome for getting up in the morning, but they’re also community center points. People gather here, can meet their neighbors, can go on first dates or have fun reunions.  

These are spaces where everyone is looking for the same thing and can feel energized when they leave. Living in an area with the best coffee places means you’re in the social capital of the city.

Caffeine Makes the World Go Round

Whether you’re a coffee or tea lover, every coffee house has something you can enjoy. Consider moving to one of these awesome neighborhoods to find the best java possible! 

By Manali