Diamond engagement ring designs are elevated in style when they are of the right shape and finesse as per the wearer’s hand and finger sizes. At the same time, it can be daunting to select an engagement ring without the right knowledge about the diamond-cut shapes of engagement rings.

A ring that reflects your taste, style, and value would be the perfect engagement ring for your wedding. Such engagement rings mark the ideal symbol of special and memorable moments in one’s life. Here are the most common types of diamond shapes you can use for your engagement ring.

Pear-Cut Diamond

The pear-shaped diamond is one of the popular diamond cuts. It combines round and marquise shapes that give a brilliant cut to the diamond. Although it can be worn both ways, most women preferably wear a pear-shaped diamond with a pointed end.

This pointy end of the ring elongates the hands and fingers, giving an elegant look. With such diamond rings, wearers need to consider the butterfly effect and the bowtie. These are visible when the stone is not set correctly. 


Every bride is treated like a princess on her wedding day, and who doesn’t like such attention, after all. For this auspicious day, nothing stands equal to a princess-cut diamond ring for the bride. It is a versatile face-up shape with either square or rectangle on its sides. 

It stands as the prime of almost any ring style. These are relatively less expensive and still pull off the modern, geometrical, and elegant look. However, ensure to check its setting while you buy such a cut. Princess cut diamonds may have chipped at the corners, leading the stone to fall out.

Emerald-Cut Diamond

The emerald diamond is one of the most lavish looking diamond cuts that appears like a step cut. It produces a hall-of-mirrors effect that makes the stone seem big but is of the size you order it. Considering the nature of the emerald cut, you may visibly get to see the inclusions and body colour of the stones better than in other shapes. 

If you are someone who prefers an old-world, large facet, glassy appearance of their diamond, an emerald cut would be the perfect fit for you.

Cushion-Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds are yet another popular style of diamond cut. They have an old Hollywood, vintage, and classic appearance to them that makes them even more desirable. Typically, you have two different cushion cuts. The first is cushion brilliant, and the next is cushion modified brilliant.

The first type is relatively more valuable, rare, elegant, and appears to be vintage in style. Most of these style diamonds have a crushed ice look. However, with so many facets of the diamond, the stone may appear busy, like crushed ice from any angle.

Final Words

Whichever ring style you choose for your wedding, it is essential to pay attention to the ring setting. It determines the ring design of the diamond cut you choose. Additionally, ensure to select a design according to your personal preferences and style that compliments your finger.

Some settings compliment the active nature of some people, while the other designs are relatively more intricate with high-set stones. Although diamonds are the most popular stone types for engagement rings, you need to be particular about your choices and budget. You would have the perfect engagement ring for your big day, given all the factors calculated correctly!

By Manali

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