A Fashion Nova shopper takes a quick look at her checking account balance and then removes half of her intended purchases from her actual or virtual shopping cart. Or she proceeds hesitantly to checkout because she doesn’t want to use her credit card irresponsibly.

Now she has a third and highly sensible option. She can make the full purchase, take her goods home or have them shipped to her, and then pay for it — interest-free — over a six-week period. 

That’s because one of the world’s leading e-commerce apparel and lifestyle brands and an innovative payment provider have announced a partnership to enhance the buying power of shoppers over this holiday season and beyond.

Fashion Nova and Afterpay made the official announcement in late September that the two fast-track global companies would collaborate to give customers a flexible spending option in addition to the more traditional electronic payment providers when shopping on the Fashion Nova platform or in the company’s retail stores.

Afterpay offers customers its “Buy Now, Pay Later” four-installment, interest-free payment option through a network of nearly 100,000 global retailers. Afterpay announced that its customer base in North America alone had grown to almost 20 million shoppers, and that some 90 percent of its orders were placed by repeat customers. Other brands accepting Afterpay online or in stores include Old Navy, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Finish Line, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Ray-Ban, Adidas, Steve Madden, Murad and PrettyLittleThings, among many others.  

This new payment option should prove to be a popular feature for Fashion Nova shoppers who don’t have credit cards or who wish to pay responsibly for holiday or anytime purchases. Buyers take immediate possession of the products they buy and get six weeks to spread out their payments without having to pay a penny of interest. 

Fashion Nova attracts fashion-forward Gen Z and Millennial shoppers. In fact, Gen Z buyers are the merchandiser’s fastest-growing age group. These younger shoppers also reflect the primary customer base of Afterpay, making it an ideal match up.

The primary stated goal of the joint activity of the two category leaders is to make fashion more accessible to younger consumers, many of whom don’t have or regularly use credit cards.They might also be hesitant to make a lump sum payment as holiday expenses stack up. Without this option, many might cut back or curtail altogether their purchases.  

As Fashion Nova founder and CEO Richard Saghian said at the time of the partnership announcement, “We’ve always prided ourselves on providing consumers easy and affordable access to the trendiest styles. The partnership with Afterpay further enables our customers to buy their favorite looks in a way that is both seamless and convenient.”

Fashion Nova was founded and has experienced phenomenal growth upon its twin commitments to accessibility and affordability. The business sells jeans, shoes, coats and jackets, active and lounge wear, club dresses and other stylish apparel and accessories for women, men and kids. The company is based in Los Angeles and has five retail locations in Southern California serving an online and real-world customer base of millions worldwide.

The retailer was named the “#1 Most-Searched Fashion Brand on Google” in 2018. It has also established a social media presence that makes it a pop culture phenomenon, with over 25 million total followers on its various social media sites.

Zahir Khoja, the general manager of Afterpay North America stated, regarding the collaboration and its timeliness, “As we head into fall and the busy holiday season, it’s the perfect time to bring Fashion Nova onto the Afterpay platform as shoppers look to update their wardrobes. This partnership stems from our shared desires to cater to the very powerful Gen Z consumers, who prefer to spend their money responsibly and pay over time with Afterpay.”

That style-conscious Fashion Nova holiday shopper staring anxiously at her credit card, debit card and bank statement will be similarly excited about the Afterpay app and her new buying power.   

Visit Fashion Nova to find out more about how to access and use Afterpay to shop at the fashion-forward retailer online or at its store locations.

By Manali

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