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Now the rings are on and there is a lot to prepare for the wedding. I am sure that you must want to do something extraordinary to make the day memorable. For his big day, you need a proper plan and enough time for the arrangements. Don’t stress yourself, make the fun of the preparation and enjoy. After all, weddings are a festival of joy.

Make your guests awestruck by celebrating your brother’s wedding in a glamorous way. Apart from all the rituals, regular dance and DJs, let’s find out new ways to make the wedding heartfelt.

1. Select a particular theme for the party– Giving a theme to the party is common now but you can pick a quirky one to stand out apart. For example, a floral theme would never fail to spread its charm all over the party. Decorate the wedding venue with leaves and essential flowers.

Make a wall of leaves with a neon sign of sweet love slogan wedding quotes for brother and her bride or at the centre. This creative idea will set up a perfect wedding ambiance of love in the air at the party.

2. Make your menu liberal– From setting up breakfast to dinners, diversify your menu with the added local delights. Try combining the favorite foods of the bride and the groom to the menu. Set up a separate parlor for icecreams and desserts at the wedding. To give more fun and creative look to the wedding, set up a farm stand of fruits and mini baskets for the guests to treat themselves.

3. Make the dinner table special- Instead of the regular plates, you can go with something that suits best with the tablescape. For example, use plates designed like palm leaves or banana leaves or some designed plates to display your tradition.

You can also find some antique tiles for the table to give an inspired look from the tradition. Besides, decorating a table with a tent card with a handwritten or printed personal note and a refreshing flower vase at the centre will give a creative look to the table.

4. Offer your guests to suggest songs at the wedding– Ask your guests to email their special songs and add them to the playlists. Or you can compile these song requests and make a DJ that every guest can enjoy. This helps in giving a more comfortable ambience for the guests to enjoy themselves rather than being reserved and maintaining a formal attitude.

5. You can go creative with the dance– Tap your feet and show your moves on different wedding dance traditions. Starting with your traditional and cultural dance, from jazzing up to the money dance and slowly moving towards the ball dance is a perfect way to lighten up the mood. Offer every invitee to join you.

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6. Make a little photo booth– Setting up a mini photo booth is making its place high at weddings. Guests love photo sessions. It gives them a fun time to pose in different ways. You can surprise them by sending these photos in a small gift card appreciating their presence in the celebration.

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