Calgary is one of the best cities in Canada, yet it is often overlooked when people try to pick where to move.  Thankfully, if you’re considering moving out here, properties have stayed affordable because many overlook this area. 

This is everything you need to know about Calgary and why it’s where you should plan to move next. 

Gives You a Real Work-Life Balance

It’s getting harder to get a work-life balance in the modern world.  Many have to work two jobs just to stay afloat, and spending time on yourself can end up feeling like a chore.  Instead of putting up with this, Calgary gives you another choice.

Nature isn’t far away here. From river and mountain views to countless hiking and biking trails, you don’t have to go far to stop and get some fresh air.  Beyond that, Calgary pays reasonably well, and affordable living is an incredible perk on its own.

This is Affordable Living

Calgary homes for sale continue to stay low in price and high in value.  This means you can get every inch of room you need for your family while also getting to pay far lower than you would in cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, or Toronto.  

This affordable living goes beyond housing and also stretches into food, entertainment, and other monthly bills that could otherwise be overwhelming.  Instead of dealing with high prices, you can put that money into personal development and hobbies.

The Job Market is Incredible

Although the job market has been going haywire for the last three years, Calgary gives you a break!  Here you can stop, seek out a career, and start on a path that you’ll get to stay on for longer than average.

If you’ve been hunting for work and struggled to find anything that matches your skills and interests at the same time, the great job market here means you can try something new and look for a line of work that will make you happy while still paying the bills.

Vacationing in Banff is a Drive Away

Sometimes the best part of living somewhere is how you can get away from it.  Banff is one of the most popular national parks in the country and is less than three hours away from Calgary!  This allows you to stop, get some fresh air, and enjoy nature while knowing you could go back home the moment you’re ready.

This also means you can go for a day of skiing without having to pay the high price of lodging that comes with a vacation town.

If you decide to invest, you’re also a short drive from a larger city, Edmonton, which means you can start a business but still enjoy the low pricing of housing and living in Calgary.

Calgary is a Dream Come True

Whether you’re eager to move somewhere that offers a great work-life balance, or you simply want a change of pace with great career opportunities: you’ll find it in Calgary!  This city has a little bit of everything for anyone who wants it.

By Manali