It is interesting to see how hobbies start to trend and the reason why certain activities become popular. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, hobbies have become hugely important, and many people turned to new hobbies as a way to enjoy their free time and take their minds off of the news. Now in 2022, there are a number of popular hobbies some of which have emerged from the pandemic while others have become popular for other reasons. So, what are a few of the most popular hobbies in 2022? This post will take a look at a few and hopefully give you a few new activities to try. 


Reading has become one of the most popular hobbies in the last few years and one that can bring many benefits to life. In a time when people spend so much time looking at a screen, there is something refreshing and therapeutic about getting stuck into a good book. Reading helps many people to relax and forget about the stress in their life and it is never too hard to find a book that takes your interest.


Jogging is a hobby that has emerged from the pandemic as it became one of the only ways for people to stay in shape during lockdowns. People soon realized the physical and mental health benefits of jogging, especially when you are able to jog in nature. Jogging is an excellent form of exercise and a hobby that people can enjoy either by themselves or as a social activity whether this is with friends or as part of a running group.


Vaping is an activity that continues to rise in popularity and with people of all ages. Many find it to be an enjoyable activity and something that can be social but also relaxing. If you are thinking about getting started, you can buy vape kits online from places like EVAPO that are ideal to get you started.


Esports continues its meteoric rise and is another hobby that was boosted by the pandemic. Video games have become hugely popular in recent times and esports is a key reason for this as it allows you to play your favorite games online either against friends or strangers from all around the world. This can be a thrilling experience, but it is still a hobby that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.


These days, it seems that everyone has a blog whether this is a fitness blog, film blog, sports blog, travel blog or any other type. It can be relatively easy to set up a blog and it can be a brilliant way to share your thoughts with the world and engage with others that have similar interests. Many people are also monetizing their blog as a way to earn on the side!

These are currently a few of the most popular hobbies in 2022 and all activities that could improve your life in a handful of ways. 

By Manali