8 Diwali gifts for BFF

Over a billion people around the world celebrate Diwali each year. It is observed differently and for various reasons by each location and faith, with its customs and traditions. Some people view it as the start of a new year. Others regard it as the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and light over darkness. Diwali is usually a celebration that ends with delectable food, quality time with loved ones, and reflection. One of India’s most lucky holidays is Diwali. It is one of the festivals that are most commonly observed worldwide. To guarantee that they always have peace, pleasure, and prosperity, people also do pooja with all the Diwali pooja necessities. The event shows that virtue overcame evil and that hope prevailed over despair.

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The festival of lights is observed by decking out homes, dressing up in favorite traditional garb, and — perhaps the most cherished custom—exchanging gifts with close family and friends. As much as we like devouring mithais and chocolates, such were once acceptable gifts for friends around Diwali. What should I give to my friends and loved ones? is the one question that frequently goes unanswered. Give them unique presents this year and order gifts online to shake things up. Online stores provide a huge selection of Diwali presents. You can send gifts to Pune or Order online cakes to bring a smile to your friend’s face. We’ve compiled a list of great, original Diwali gift suggestions for friends for every kind of friend you could ever have to make your work easier.

The Top 8 Best Presents for Friends This Diwali

  1. Gods and goddess statues

Give them a statue of gods or goddesses to bring wealth and happiness into their life if you’re searching for a spiritual presence for your friend that expresses the spirit of the season and your best wishes. Depending on how much you can afford to spend, you might choose a statue made of silver, plastic, or clay and order gifts online on different online gift delivery portals.

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  1. Homemade cakes and sweets

Nothing is better than a present that satisfies one’s appetite and taste sensibilities. Make sure to give some of your amazing Diwali treats—or your mother’s excellent Diwali treats—to your pals. Laddoos and barfis are two perennial favorites, but if you have a specific secret recipe, you should share it with your pals. If you’re looking to order online cakes, then a homemade cake could be a good choice.

  1. Potted house plants

Making an effort to lessen the air pollution brought on by the firing of firecrackers during this holiday is another method to celebrate green Diwali. There are many options for home plants, and most of them are simple to care for and improve the look of the interiors while also purifying the air. With the help of online gift delivery portals, you can send gifts to Pune or to other cities in less possible time.

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  1. Ethnic clothing and jewelry

A religious celebration is the ideal setting for showcasing your cultural identity. This might be an ideal moment to give your buddy the chance to diversify their wardrobe if they are too busy with work and socializing to find the time to dress in ethnic attire. Depending on what she loves, you may get your female friend a sari, a silk skirt, a Kurti, or if your buddy is a man, a kurta or sherwani.

  1. Crafted candles

You might get candle wax and aroma oils from the store and build your candles to give a special touch to your Diwali presents. Candle moulds are often offered in various sizes and forms in craft stores. Cake moulds are an alternative that also works nicely. The candles might be embellished with glue, glitter, beads, sequins, and other art tools.

  1. Religious DVDs and CDs

Spiritual CDs or DVDs are a wonderful present for your pals on this occasion, especially if they have a religious bent of mind. It might be audio-only or audio-visual, including devotional songs, chants, hymns, or narrations of sacred events.

  1. Gift Basket

This is the perfect present if you want to offer your pals a little bit of everything. A good luck charm or wish card should be included in the perfect Diwali hamper along with some candies or chocolates, a variety of dried fruits, some candles or other such items, and scented potpourri.

  1. Solar-powered outdoor lighting

Let’s try to make this Diwali a little more environmentally friendly in light of the severe power deficit that has recently plagued the nation. During this time of year, almost everyone decorates their homes with lamps and fairy lights. You may present them with a set of solar-powered LED lights this year. They are just as robust and brilliant as regular lights, but they are far more environmentally responsible since they use pure and recyclable energy.

Bottom Lines

You don’t want to give your pal a dull Diwali present and see their half-smile on their face. Right? You wanted to choose the nicest present (of course, something practical) among all the gifts they would receive from other friends and family members since you wanted to see your pals pleased and hear their enthusiasm as you wrapped your gift. This is something you want to occur during Diwali. To respect your preferences and taste, we chose for you something different from last year’s Diwali gift ideas that your buddy would like rather than the traditional mithai ka Dabba from Chandni Chowk.

By Manali