There can be different benefits of using reusable face masks. Many doctors and medical professionals recommend using reusable masks instead of single-use face masks. The Henry Mask in Canada can clarify why the reusable mask is used.


The reusable face masks last longer than usual single-use masks. The filter shield and face mask can last as long as 2-years. The plastic filter does not restrict airflow, so breathing activities are done comfortably. The filters must be replaced within 7 to 10 days in a normal environment. But in a high-risk environment, the filter must be changed every 3 to 5 days. For cleaning the reusable mask after every use, you can use hot water or alcohol for wiping.


The environment can be affected because the single-use or surgical masks are not disposed of properly. The general public cannot understand systematic disposal, and the disposal can cause more contamination. Therefore unnecessary contamination can be avoided when reusable masks are used.

Cost Effective

Henry Mask in Canada can provide effective ways to save money. As reusable masks can be used over 50 times, you can save them every time you repeat the usage.

Short Supply of Surgical Mask Can Be Controlled

The doctors and the medical professionals are facing a shortage of surgical masks. The front liners working day and night with the covid patients require surgical masks the most. But the general public can use the cloth mask, and the requirement can be served.

No Stress Of Disposal

The reusable masks can be washed and dried; therefore, there are no worries about disposal. The disposable masks can be seen on beaches, parks, and roads. This can be a severe contamination risk. As washable masks are welcomed home, they can be properly washed and cleaned before the next use.


As reusable masks are easily washable, you need not worry about the cleaning process of the masks. After every use, the masks need to be washed. The mask must be washed with high-temperature detergent when it is washed in the washing machine. It can be hand washed with warm water with detergent liquid or powder.

Cotton Face Mask

Cotton is the best fabric when you are covering your nose and mouth for a long time. Other synthetic fabrics will not let you breathe properly. Make sure the cotton face mask fits your face properly so that you do not need to adjust it with your hands several times.


The Henry Mask in Canada recommends using washable, reusable masks. The surgical masks can be prevented from getting stocked out from the market as front-line doctors, and medical professionals need them. The disposal of masks can affect the environment badly and therefore. Reusable masks can protect the environment. As reusable masks usually are washable, you do not have to worry about their cleaning.

By Manali