The Two Tastiest Kids’ Meal in the Whole Fast-Food Burger Sector

Everyone (especially parents) know that kids can be fussy eaters. Fast-food joints know this as well, which is why they offer specially packaged airfood recipe with toys, bright colors, and maybe some specially selected food items to make the kids happy. And when the kids are happy in public, so are their parents. It’s much better than when the kids are acting up, screaming and crying. 

But which of these kids’ meals actually taste good? According to most parents we’ve asked who also tried out what their kids were eating, here are the best of the kids’ meals. 

Gold Star: Culver’s ButterBurger Cheese Single Kids’ Meal

This is the best of the lot, although it’s not exactly a perfect situation. First off, you don’t have as many Culver’s locations compared to some of the more ubiquitous brands like McDonald’s. And if your town does have a Culver’s, their kids’ meal costs can cost as much as $2.50 more than what you’d pay at other burger joints. 

But then again, it’s common enough to pay a bit more for better quality, regardless of what consumer item you’re getting. And it’s not as if Culver’s is an expensive place (view Culver’s menu and prices). But if you’re so frazzled after getting your shopping done at the mall and you just get what the kids are getting, you’re actually getting a good deal taste-wise. 

Kiddie Appeal

You have 2 coupons printed on the seam of the kids’ meal bag here. One coupon lets you collect 10 of them so you can redeem the collection for either a prize or a free kids’ meal. The other coupon gives you a free custard scoop, which you can get at that moment or at a future date. 

These options lure you in with the promise of a future treat, so the kids won’t have to eat too quickly before their desserts melt (or eat dessert first and ruin their appetite). 

Burger Appeal

However, Culver’s doesn’t really need the treats to get families to return here. The quality of their ButterBurger alone can achieve that effect. The butter on the soft, toasted bun makes the burger patty seem like good steak. 

Ketchup is standard here, but you can ask for mustard if you want. Then there are the crinkle-cut pickles, with their extra sourness that matches the pickles in salad bars. They’re kept in place by the robust American cheese. The standard setup calls for red onion, but you can request to have it sauteed first. 

Fries Appeal

The crinkle-cut fries are just as good, and not merely additions to the feature burger. They’re fried nicely golden, and appropriately crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The salt level is just right. So is the thickness of the fries, as these fries remain hot for quite a while and they don’t get soggy too quickly. 

But instead of the fries, you can opt for Mott’s Applesauce and white milk (8 ounces of reduced-fat ultra-pasteurized), chocolate milk, Mott’s 100% Apple juice, or a small drink. With lots of choices, you can really customize the sides. 

Runner-Up: Dairy Queen Cheeseburger Kids’ Meal

This comes in second, if you’re going with just the taste. There’s not really anything that appeals specifically to kids here, aside from the drawings on the meal packaging. 

Kiddie Appeal

There’s not even a toy here, to be honest. But the taste of everything else can compensate for this oversight. Besides, quite a few parents may be tired of taking care of tiny toys and paper goods for kids. 

Burger Appeal

The bun isn’t too small, and its quality matches what you get in more expensive adult sandwiches. It’s a great bun, as it’s soft and plush, and toasted sweet. It’s a bit bigger than the patty, so there’s some allowance for slips. 

Then you have thick cuts of rather assertive pickles. They’re not always easy to bite through (especially for kids), but the cheese compensates here. The whole burger may seem like it’s too light on the sauces and seasoning, but the included ketchup packet fixes that nicely. 

Fries Appeal

The fries here are also exceptional. They’re crisp and fluffy, and they taste clean because they don’t go overboard with the oil. It’s a good match for the burger. 

If you’re opting for a healthier option, then you can have the fries replaced by a banana. Or you can go with the Musselman’s unsweetened applesauce pouch instead. But you’ll have to ask for these replacements, because the folks at DQ don’t usually mention it (in the name of efficiency). 

The 1% milk is in a TetraPak, with an extendable straw that goes through the foil seal. This reduces the risk of spills, which is great when you have very young kids in tow. 

Finally, you have either a cone or a cup of the signature vanilla soft-serve. It tastes great, so the kids might not remember about the missing toy. 

There you have it, the 2 best kids’ meals you can find. They’re not as ubiquitous as the McDonald’s Happy Meal, but they sure taste better! 

By Manali