Summers are always fun if you have enough drinks to keep yourself fresh and active for the entire day. Most of the types we end up consuming caffeinated drinks and cold drinks that contain high amounts of either caffeine of r sugar both of which are harmful to our body and health. So to avoid excess consumption of sugar and keep yourself fresh, it’s nice you must have several refreshing Drinks and their recipes on your list. So that you not only stay fresh but also healthy the entire summer.


If you love watermelon and can’t give up on it anytime then it’s time for you to include it in your drink. Watermelonade is the best drink for you with a chunk of crisp in it, all you need to create that crisp is crushed watermelon. Now the question is how many ounces of it is required? 2 ounces would be perfect it’ll fill 1/4th of your glass and the rest of the part would be liquid.

By adding 2 ounces of crushed watermelon chunks add a spoonful of sugar, rose syrup, and milk or water as per choice. And yeah don’t forget to add icecubes because that will double the taste of it. So go and grab a glass full of watermelon.


Roohafza is the most favourite and traditional drink which is famous not only in India but in the world. Well if you want delicacy with a touch of the convention this is the best option you can go for. The most effortless mad tastiest drink that you can make within a second. This can be a wonderful replacement for your Mexican candy shot.

All you need is a glass full of icy chill water add some sugar and Rose syrup i.e. Roohafza into it. Now the question is how many ml in a shot are required? Well, you can add 8 to 10 ml to get that rich taste. Don’t forget to stir it well and enjoy it by adding a few mint leaves or a few drops of lemon as per your taste.


Well if you are someone who wants to avoid sugar completely then this is the best drink for you. Being a natural coolant for the body it’s wonderful for digestion, providing you with a big boost of hydration.

It can be consumed plain but by adding a pinch of roasted cumin seeds powder and a pinch of asafoetida the taste becomes more enhanced making it easier for digestion. It also contains vitamin B complex in a good amount.


It is the world’s favourite drink, the most basic, most refreshing, and yet easiest to make. The best part about this drink is it can be consumed with or without the sugar. Apart from being a good refreshing agent, it helps you improve your digestion and helps you fight the toughest heat wave. All you need is chill water, a juicy lemon, and a pinch of salt, and sugar If you want to add it. Stir all ingredients well and your glass of refreshing lemonade is ready. Enjoy it with your favourite snack.

We have listed a good number of refreshing drinks for you in this article and there are a lot more than you can try. Such as apple stone juice, musk melon shake, coconut water, mango shake, and aam Panna, and the list is endless. The motive is to save you from excessive caffeinated drinks that also contain a huge amount of sugar. So this summer whenever you feel like having a boost of freshness don’t forget to prepare a glass of any of these refreshing drinks for yourself. Wishing you a happy, fresh, and healthy summer.

By Manali