The Most Popular B.Tech Courses and What they Entail?


Dec 8, 2022

Do you want to know The Most Popular B.Tech Courses and What they Entail? Read ahead and get the details. BTech is one of the best courses in which one can enrol. These courses are opted by the science students. It is a 4-year undergraduate course and it offers various disciplines such as Mechanical engineering, Information Technology, Civil engineering, Computer science and others. The professional degree of BTech is awarded to the students after they have completed their four years of study in engineering. The BTech degree is regarded to be the starting point of a successful career in engineering. The best engineering colleges in Keralahelp you to become skilled in the field of engineering. 

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Table of Contents:

  1. BTech in Aerospace Engineering
  2. BTech Civil engineering
  3. BTech Information Security
  4. BTech Mechanical Engineering
  5. BTech Cyber Security and forensic
  6. BTech Artificial Intelligence
  7. BTech in Blockchain technology
  8. Conclusion

BTech In Aerospace Engineering

There is a huge demand for aerospace engineers nowadays. These need the best BTech qualifications nowadays. Candidates who hold a BTech degree in Aerospace Engineering can be hired as Aircraft Technicians, Researchers, Welding Engineers etc. Moreover, they have a lot of research posts where one can apply.

BTech in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is one of the most popular forms of engineering. Many students have an interest in chemicals and that’s why they choose this Btech degree as their degree course. Many noted engineering colleges such as IIT, Delhi Technology University and TOMS College of Engineering provide Btech degrees in Chemical Engineering. 

BTech in Civil engineering

Civil engineers are also in huge demand and the government is developing various infrastructural projects, and smart city works where civil engineers can be deployed. Moreover, they have a huge effect on boosting real estate and the market. Along with that we even see professionals who are holding a BTech Civil engineering degree. Moreover, those who have a Civil Engineering degree even get hired as Executive engineers, Structural engineers, Chemical engineers, and even the chief heads of Civil departments. So, all those who have interests in this field need to know that there is huge scope.

BTech Information Security

BTech in Information security is one of the best courses that helps train students in ethical hacking and even the concepts of computer forensics. Professionals who hold this qualification can be placed as product managers, cloud specialists and even the architects of leading companies like Apple, Amazon., Samsung, IBM, Facebook etc.

BTech in Mechanical Engineering

This is one of those advanced degrees where the students are being trained regarding the concepts of mechanical engineering. Along with this, it is even noted that there are vast fields of thermodynamics, and design engineering which is taught here. After completing the course the students can be employed as Junior Mechanical Engineers, Assistant Engineers, or Design Engineers with one of the best companies such as SmartConnect Technologies.

BTech Cyber Security and Forensic

This program is in a lot of demand among people due to their increased dependence on them through their online transactions. Online transactions are threatened through fishing, malware, and other activities. However, professionals who are trained in cybersecurity can deal with hacking and malware analysis. The companies like Google, Paytm, TCS, HCL etc. are the ones which hire engineers.

BTech Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

BTech artificial intelligence and machine learning is one of the best courses that you can select. It is the course that is grabbing the attention of industrialists. People in industries are moving towards artificial intelligence and the students are made to learn about cognitive modelling, knowledge representation, artificial intelligence and a lot of other factors. Those who are holding this qualification can even get hired as robotic professionals, and work with companies like Intel Technology, Google, Jio, and even Microsoft. Engineering courses in Kerala help students to get skilled in the course.

BTech in Blockchain technology

Blockchain is one of the most recent technologies that have been developed and it has created a buzz in the IT industry. The blockchain-based applications are mostly used in healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics so that unethical hackers can be prevented from tracing important and private information. Along with this we even see that the cryptocurrency analyst, Paytm, Google Pay, and Amazon are some of the recruiters of engineers in this field.


One of the most popular courses in BTech that one can enrol in is machine learning, data science and computer science engineering. One of the BTech courses that have the most scope is Computer science. Engineers are in huge demand, and one can grab various employment opportunities through the course. 

Apart from government jobs, BTech students can easily get secure jobs in the private sector. BTech graduates can also work as consultants, subject experts and even consultants. It is but if the students are passionate about the course and the subjects then it is not.

The course is a little difficult because of the subjects and it needs regular and dedicated study to pass the exams. BTech fees in Kerala are optimum for the students to pursue. A weak student can even clear BTech if they have the right aptitude to work with dedication and concentration.

The most difficult year in BTech is the last year. Real engineering involves difficult subjects like Maths, Science and other general subjects. Best Btech colleges in Kerala such as TOMS College of Engineering help students to pursue the course. If you want to be skilled in your academic year then you need to get at least 70% marks so that the product companies hire you.

By Manali