Dec 8, 2022

The aspirants who desire to uplift their career to the next level whether to go for studies first or continue their studies while balancing with their profession, start your own business. These aspirants will need to learn management expertise, professional connections, and exposure to the world outside. MBA is a worldwide popular and demanding professional management degree to build a strong professional network, enhance key skills and knowledge, accelerate career growth, and learn self-leadership.

MBA is a dynamic course that is adaptable to the various nature of the business environment. The aspirants who pursue MBA degree programs become more skilled and versatile in any industry or job, because of all the practices of leadership, business analytics, creative thinking, communication techniques, and many more which are taught to students during the course.

As MBA is one of the popular courses opted for by many young aspirants but today in a practical environment, aspirants with busy schedules i.e. working in a full-time job didn’t get time to pursue MBA as a full-time course. But as the scenario is changing, for busy working professionals various online MBA programs are scheduled. EXECUTIVE MBA is another popular MBA program for working professionals that can be opted by them for enhancing their career to the next level.


The executive MBA Program also referred to as EMBA stands for Executive Masters in Business Administration. This degree course is designed specifically for those students who want to work full time with pursuing their degree side by side and for working corporate executives and senior managers.

This course enables working professionals to earn their degrees by continuing their full-time job. It is work and earning a degree at the same time. The entrance in this course needs work experience i.e. only those aspirants can join this program that has at least 2 to 5 years of work experience.

The difference between an Executive MBA and an MBA program is that executive MBAs are for later career professionals who already have work experience and reached management or leadership positions. Thus, Executive MBA students are much older and more experienced than MBA students.

The executive MBA programs can be Full Time, Online, and Weekend EMBA.


EXECUTIVE MBA has its importance in the career life of working professionals. Here are a few points to let you know its importance –

  1. You can pursue your studies without taking a career break.
  2. You will earn a degree without putting your career on hold. This degree will add value to your resume, salary, and job positions.
  3. In industry, job location, or functions you can have a great career change in any of these fields.
  4. You will get the benefits of the wide range of skills and knowledge and professional experience that come in the executive MBA classrooms.

Executive MBA could be the perfect way to enhance your career credentials, skills, and practical knowledge. The main purpose of an executive MBA is to manage the balance between theories with practice and to fill knowledge to tackle some of the most pressing issues by today’s leaders of business.


The benefits of an Executive MBA program are beyond the limits of working people compared to a general MBA. As this program focuses more on leadership and development skills. The executive MBA helps professionals to become more developed, dynamic, efficient, and effective leaders in the management field. Their skills help the company to generate innovative ideas for the company’s success.  

The main aim of an executive MBA is to educate the candidates who desire to pursue their studies to upskill themselves. They get the chance to widen their career opportunities chances. There are many reasons to choose an executive MBA by professionals. Here we are discussing a few benefits of pursuing an Executive MBA for all management professionals.

  1. Helps to Expand Your Professional Network– In the EMBA program, students came from various industries with different experiences. The people you meet during the course duration will be valuable in all manners. People you meet can be in form of valuable resources such as mentors, companions, or friends; by their professional experience and skills, their unique perspectives, and areas of expertise, you will get numerous benefits. In this unpredictable job market, the strong communication of colleagues from different industries is regarded as a vital aspect of success in a career path.

Students will get a chance to get along with these mentors and go beyond their current networks and industries and uplifting their careers through those networks. You have opportunities during the course-

  • To build connections during the course.
  • Build a strong familiar network with colleagues.
  • Participate in events and conferences to build networks.

By building and expanding a strong network, not only you develop new learning skills but also find a better job for yourself.

  1. An increased opportunity for Promotion – Executive MBA graduates get numerous opportunities to enhance their careers. Not only does their salary gets increased but also they are more likely to get entry into new and higher job positions too. Many graduate aspirants not only get promotions in the management field but also start their own companies. These graduates chose to get benefits from -their degree to seek new opportunities to attract more new lucrative positions and to change their careers accordingly.
  2. Higher Salary Potential– Executive MBA is not an easy decision for many working professionals as it requires their time, cost, and effort to study. According to the data, the salary of an executive MBA is increased by 51%.  Yes, Executive MBA occupies higher positions with higher salaries as compared to the other MBA programs. The salary will be increased as the aspirants complete their degrees. The Average Salary of an Executive MBA graduate is range between 12lakhs to 40lakhs. The most famous job profiles are Chief Executive Officer, Sales Manager, Management Consultant, and Brand Development Manager.
  3. EMBA is a Work and Earn Degree– This is a valuable program in all terms as it is specifically designed for those students who complete their studies without disturbing their professional life. This course can be completed based on an online, weekend class format. Many universities provide the formats accordingly. You can get the degree while working in your respective job positions.

As we discussed the benefits of an Executive MBA in the form of a career as well as educational purposes. The graduates will get rewarded for their hard work and dedication. The students get the advantages of career services and development opportunities through this program. The students need to find the best among the rest educational institutions to continue their professional degree in Executive MBA.


The Universal Business School (UBS) is one the best management institute in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is one of the top B Schools in Mumbai.  UBS is India’s First Green School which is endorsed by 60 CEOs. The institute is awarded as a “Top Management Institute “which is approved by AICTE. The UBS provides a wide range of Management courses for both UG and PG levels.  This institution provides an international curriculum that is internationally accredited by the British, American, and Europeans. It provides an opportunity to learn with Global CEOs.

UBS is a partner with Top Global Universities in the USA, UK, and France i.e. SSM (Swiss School of Management), Northern ILLINOIS university, and others. The curriculum of the school provides 80% of practical learning in their programs with excellent placements (100%) in both domestic and international companies.

UBS is the top BBA College in Maharashtra which is established in 2009. It is a private institution and a genuine global school with a global degree and an international curriculum for advanced learning.

The faculty of the institution is yet another best fact as they are highly skilled and qualified and experienced.

Huge opportunities are available as the UBS campus invites many recruiters to hire the best. Recruiting companies such as Google, Capgemini, Amazon, HDFC Bank, Citi Bank, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Accenture, TATA, Flipkart, and many more are welcomed by UBS.


UBS offers one of the best Executive MBA programs for students who desire to apply to this program. The Executive MBA program is offered for working professionals. This course duration is of one year EMBA (Foreign Collaboration with Cardiff Met, UK) and two-year EMBA (Swiss School of Management, Italy) and Global Blended MBA programs.


To get admission to the Executive MBA program, the details are given below –

EMBA (Foreign Collaboration with Cardiff Met, UK)

The executive MBA specializations UBS provides in Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, and HR.


The candidates who can apply must be graduated from any stream with a minimum of 4 years of work experience.

EMBA (Swiss School of Management, Italy)

The executive MBA specializations UBS provides in Global Management and Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Luxury Management.


The candidates who can apply must be graduated from any stream + NMAT BY GMAC score.


The executive MBA specialization provided by UBS is Marketing, operations, and HRM.


The candidates must be graduated with a minimum of 1 year of work experience.

NOTE: Post-interview process the Academic Council will determine the eligibility of the candidate based on the quality of their work experience.


  1. EMBA (Foreign Collaboration with Cardiff Met, UK) – Rs. 4.50 lakh.
  2. EMBA (Swiss School of Management, Italy) – Rs. 4.00 lakh – Rs.8.48 lakh.
  3. GLOBAL BLENDED MBA – Rs. 1.98 lakh.

Overall Executive MBA is one of the best investments that working professionals can make in their careers. The best return they get will lift their career to new heights. There are many examples of successful leaders who suggest pursuing an executive MBA to enhance their careers. Then what are you waiting for? Make the best decision by choosing UBS.

For more information, you can visit their official website. 

By Manali