Reasons To Study Computer Science Engineering


Dec 8, 2022

Technology has become a part of our lives. From our smartphones to the car we drive to even the lights in our phones, technology is everywhere making our lives a little bit easier. The people who are working in the background building this technology are Computer Science Engineering graduates.

Engineering Institutes like the Arya College Jaipur have thousands of applicants applying to the CSE course every year. Why do they choose this course? What benefits do they receive after completing the said course? Let us find out.

What is Computer Science Engineering?

Computer Science Engineering or CSE is an Engineering discipline where students are learning different programming languages, design, networking and development. CSE has several overlapping fields and studies that combine both Computer Engineering and Computer Science. It is one of those engineering fields that have maintained steady popularity among B.Tech and B.E. aspirants.

Why study Computer Science Engineering?

Choosing to study for a degree is a personal choice. There are financial constraints to consider along with career goals. However, there are some benefits that all students benefit from when pursuing a CSE degree which are described below.

Career Options: Computer science engineering allows its graduates to pursue several career options. Admittedly, the options open to a candidate will depend on their skills and choice of discipline. For instance, some common profiles most CSE graduates work in are Software Developer, Mobile App Developer, Game Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Network Security Engineer etc. The options are truly endless. With advancements in technology, more jobs are being created for Computer Science Engineering students. Individuals can use their transferable skills to explore different job profiles and industries comfortably.

Growing Industry: As mentioned previously, the world of computer science is constantly growing. Experts are finding how to integrate technology in traditional industries and in new ones as well. This in turn generates a demand for trained professionals who can program these new systems and machines. With each year, there are newer and better jobs in different industries with different career graphs for computer science engineering students. The future is bright for CSE students and there will be newer and more jobs to explore later.

Higher Education: Most computer science engineers from any computer science engineering colleges in Jaipur usually start working after a B.Tech or BE degree in the same specialization. There are, however, many options after the undergraduate degree. At the postgraduate level, there is the option to enrol and earn a Master of Technology or Master of Engineering in Computer Science Engineering followed by a PhD or M.Phil degree in a similar research topic. Besides full-time degrees, there are also shorter-term courses like certifications and diplomas in different computer science disciplines that can be used to learn new skills.

Specialisation Options: Some of the best private engineering colleges in India for computer science offer several sub-specialisation or disciplines for their Computer Science Engineering students. It is always useful to learn new skills related to the main major, CSE, as a student. Doing so will also improve their employability chances and help them stand out from the competition. Most of these disciplines are chosen at the postgraduate level of studies or with a short-term course like a certification. Some examples of such disciplines are web development, mobile application development, machine learning, systems architecture etc.

Salary Scope: The average pay for a Computer Science graduate is higher than that of other disciplines at the same educational level. For instance, the Bachelor of Engineering degree has an average salary of around INR 9,63,000 LPA, irrespective of the salary scale and work experience.[i] In terms of different job profiles, Software Engineers make around INR 7,16,924 LPA while a Full-Stack Software Developer can make around INR 7,92,226 LPA. Software developers with an average salary of around INR 5,51,769 LPA can earn up to INR 10,00,000 LPA with more experience.

Work Remotely: Most IT and computer science jobs can be done remotely. During the covid pandemic, everyone started working from their homes and has since stayed that way. Work is done on the employee’s laptop and occasionally, there would be meetings which are also done online as well. There is no need to step into the office and one can work from their home office. Individuals can both work and earn money while also making time for the family. Computer Science Engineers can also find suitable high paid jobs when working on a freelance basis where they can choose their own projects and set their own prices.

Earn While Studying: At the best CSE colleges in India students can work and also study at the same time. Working on the side in the same field will help immensely in the resume while also making money as well. While some colleges do not allow students to work while pursuing their education, one can always ask their college administration for the same. Typically, most students choose to freelance and take on a few projects where they will develop projects or work on software and get paid for the work done.

International Opportunity: Computer Science Engineering students can find work internationally easily. Several companies, especially those with international branches will send their best workers to work in a different branch in a completely new country. With this route, there is no need to pursue an educational degree at an international university or start from scratch with the job search. Additionally, some universities also provide a chance for their computer science engineering students to complete one year at an international university post which the graduate would be working at an international corporation.

Contribute to a better world: Computer science engineers are contributing their time and skills to build a better world. They are creating new systems and software that are making the lives of thousands easy. Corporations are able to automate certain work processes and are able to make more profits. These individuals also work at making the internet a safer place and finding ways to protect our data. One would be able to contribute to building a better and safer world for the future generation.


Getting a degree from a noted engineering institute is highly recommended for all students. The ARYA Institute of Engineering & Technology is part of the ARYA Group of Colleges. Its best placement in Jaipur is the biggest reason to study computer science engineering.  

Computer Science Engineering continues to be a popular course of study for Engineering students. Not only is there no dearth of jobs but there is long-term sustainability for CSE graduates. One can work internationally, make high salaries, work remotely and also earn different disciplines in Computer Science. Students will definitely benefit from their Computer Science Engineering degrees.

By Manali