So, you have decided to advance your project management career and get PMP certified.

You made the right decision, and we recommend applying for PMP certification. Project management is a vast domain with applications in every industry. In recent years, globalization and the revolution of technology have made several changes to project management. To keep up with these changes, organizations must adopt the best practices for project management. To achieve this goal, they often outsource or hire contract project managers. There is a growing demand for PMP-certified project managers.

In 2023, several sources will be offering PMP training in Qatar. We understand the confusion of choosing a PMP course without any prior knowledge. We have created this article to help you choose the best PMP training in Qatar.

Why must you get PMP certified? 

Project Management Institute (PMI), the organization that conducts the PMP project management certification examination, found in a survey that companies can complete their projects 20 times more with proper project management. This is why the team and PMP-certified project managers are high. The survey found that project managers with PMP certification earn 20 per cent more than those without.

Securing a PMP certification highlights your expertise in managing projects globally. As the certification is recognized worldwide regardless of industry, project managers can explore work opportunities in any sector and any part of the world. Another reason to be PMP certified is that it makes your profile stand out. Organizations are growing to acknowledge the importance of PMP certification and are actively looking for project managers with the credential. If you aspire to become a successful project manager, the certification can set the stage for you.

PMP Certification Prep 

First, you must have acquired at least 35 contact hours of project management education apart from other eligibility requirements to be able to deal with the exam. Professional Development Unit or PDU is a mandatory requirement for the PMP certification exam. You can achieve the same by attending PMP training from our training provider, such as Team Academy.

Next, you will require a robust PMP study plan to cover all the concepts that are part of the PMP certification exam. This will require choosing the right training partner to assist you with the preparation. They are hundreds of providers who offer PMP training in Qatar.

Here we list the top PMP certification training providers.

Team Academy 

Team Academy has established itself as one of the leading training providers in Qatar for PMP certification. We are an online professional learning platform that provides rigorous industry-relevant courses with certification.

Our team is built from experienced industry veterans with at least 15 years of experience across industries. For more than a decade, our PMP course in Qatar has helped over 4000 students become PMP certified. We have a 100% passing record and have concluded 230+ batches training aspiring project managers.

The Project Management Professional training course is one of the most powerful resources on the Internet to prepare for the PMP certification exam. The course covers all the aspects of PMP certification and provides you knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate your capabilities when answering the question. All Team Academy instructors are certified by PMI as Authorized Training Partner Instructors who offer training on answering scenario-based PMP certification exam questions.

You can choose us if you are looking for a trusted training partner to help you get PMP certification. Our online PMP certification course allows you to prepare at your own pace before taking the exam.

Ministry of Municipality and Environment Training (MMTI)

Another training provider for PMP certification is the Ministry of Municipality and Environment Training. The institute offers an executive education and continuing professional development program, including project management courses.

Their PMP training course suits aspiring project managers across the industry, including engineering, accounting, finance, and IT. While the institute offers a comprehensive PMP course, the program runs for 40 hours on Fridays only between 9 AM to 2 PM. This makes their PMP certification training program unsuitable for working professionals. You will have to give up work to attend their training. Also, the course runs for eight weeks. This duration should be shorter for any working professional to take leave.


PMP Training in Qatar is a promising venture to improve your value as a project manager. As a globally recognized credential, PMP certification will make you stand apart as a candidate. We hope we have provided you with the information to make an informed decision.

Also, compare the cost when signing up for any PMP certification training program. Team Academy’s PMP certification cost in Qatar remains most competent without compromising the quality of the education.

By Manali