There are some wonderful vegan meals and recipes, and all taste great, but there are also some wonderful snacks and game and event vegan food that will make your next games night in or virtual casino night a wonderful healthy experience. This article looks at the various vegan and vegetarian snacks that you can easily make and provide for a great evening.

Non-sticky finger food

The guiding principle for snacks that go with tech must be non-sticky and have no messy fingers. No one wants to be playing the online pokies and slots with messy fingers on a touch screen device or making all the gaming controllers messy as you lay bets on the online virtual casino. Flatbreads are a good option and healthier and less oily than crisps which you can use to dip into vegan options such as hummus or baba ghanoush. Keep dips like these thick for a non-drip consistency. 

Crue de Te

They just sound so posh and fancy, and yet all you need are some vegetables cut up, and a few non-messy dips is a great way to keep all the guests fed with healthy snacks. As aforementioned, keep the dips quite thick and non-oily, so you minimize mess. As many of us begin to consider more healthy options in what we eat, it is important to make sure our snacks are also low fat and contribute positively to our well-being. If they also make sure a gaming night caters to all tastes, then even better. 

All veggie things battered and fried

Agreed, it may not be the healthiest if it has been deep-fried, but a light panko or tempura batter can go a long way to making it lower calories than other options. Even better, you could consider an air fryer to make some of the best finger food you ever did taste as good as any deep-fried snack. As long as your batter covers a fresh vegetable, then you can consider it one of your five a day.

Meat alternative canapes

If you are still keen on the taste of meat but are following a meat-free or vegan diet, there have been leaps and bounds in the options and quality of meat alternative snacks available. Whether it’s a vegan mini sausage roll or a bacon-free quiche Lorraine, your only limit these days is your own imagination and how creative you want to be with what you offer on a gaming night. While you might want to stay away from meat-free ribs – sticky fingers, remember. The point is, though, that there are just so many other options that can make online gaming even more enjoyable and make a gaming night a great vegan success.

A few final guiding principles

Keep it spicy and ensure that all the veggies are fresh, and lastly, provide lots and lots of wipes.

Vegan and vegetarian food has come a long way in the last few years and with so many more people turning to a plant-based diet and so many new vegan food trends. You’ll be surprised at how these snacks can add a whole other dimension to your virtual and live entertainment.

By Manali