Vegetarian and vegan living has centuries of evidentiary evidence as to how they are beneficial for human health and wellness. This article will look at the benefits of vegan and vegetarian diets for your health and wellness, using this long history of plant-based eating and the improvements to longevity that it is said to be able to produce.

Vegetarian and veganism are both plant-based

In 2020, it is argued that veganism and vegetarian eating reached its peak across the globe. It is an accepted dietary choice that is no longer simply associated with those who don’t want to eat animal products, it is also about being able to make positive choices and improve one’s health and wellness. For many, it is important to distinguish between the two, and vegans won’t eat any animal-based products while vegetarians only avoid meat. Both of these lifestyle choices arguably provide for better health and wellbeing and a better lifestyle overall. They are both plant-based dietary choices and have a lot going for them.

Promote overall good health

Weight loss, reduced risk of heart disease and managing your diabetes are but a few of the main physical health benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, these aspects that improve health and wellness are only possible with the right planning and understanding of what you’re looking for from your food choices. You will need the right balance between proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential minerals.

Provides more time to do other things

Initially, it may seem daunting to cook meat-free meals, but with the various cookbooks now written by vegans and vegetarians, it has become a lot easier. Plan the meals and be inventive with the non-meat/vegetarian ingredients that you include. Vegetables generally cook quicker, especially the leafy greens if you want to keep the nutrients in, and as such, you have more time for your own pursuits. Just use the review sites like, so you don’t spend too long looking for the best sites and options. Having even slightly more time to yourself in these extremely busy times can be a significant relief and provide for a much-needed mental time out.

Is better for the planet

One of the main reasons there has been such a movement toward plant-based eating and living is that it is simply better for the planet. Eating a diet mainly comprised of fruit, grains, vegetables and beans removes the environmental strain experienced by the production of meat and dairy products. For a large number of those who have moved to this way of living, there is a lot less pressure on the individual and a sense of relief in that they are doing something for the planet and future generations.

Not only are vegan and vegetarian eating lifestyles for you mentally, physically and spiritually, but the sense of well-being that you will attain is also a major consideration for eating a plant-based diet. Feeling good while doing good is a great way to live.

By Manali