It can be difficult to step outside of your comfort zone and do something that you wouldn’t normally do, especially when it comes to a part of your schedule like cooking, which might just be a footnote in your average day. However, examining how you can change elements like this might make more of an impact than you expected. For example, if you’re something of a stranger to vegetarian recipes, examining the various ways in which their incorporation into your schedule could make a difference might pique your interest.

The perks are varied, and while you might have a current preconception of what any given vegetarian meal might look like, these ideas could be shattered and replaced with a much more promising reality in due course.

The Preparation

If you put forward a dish, say a curry, for example, and you provide both a meat version and a vegetarian version, the ways in which you prepare these two options might seem very similar at first. However, the process of preparing the meat for the former option, let’s use chicken as an example, might be more thorough and intensive, as you have to ensure that it’s cooked, and that you clean your hands and tools thoroughly enough afterward. This might not seem like the biggest issue in the world, but being able to prepare dinner somewhat quickly after work can mean that you spend more time relaxing and doing what you enjoy, such as playing video games, visiting an online casino, or watching a movie. 

Additionally, the ways in which you can prepare vegetables are hugely varied. You might find quite a bit of difference in flavor between roasting them and frying them, for example. 

The Health Benefits

There may well be certain health benefits to eating meat, but if you’re finding that much of your diet revolves around it, it might be worth taking the time to step back and see what a more balanced diet can offer you. Eating vegetarian meals can offer you a wide range of health benefits, especially over the long term, and this might be an impact that you begin to feel after a few weeks of trying out this alternative diet. It might also be that these meals end up being a bit lighter, something that you might find especially preferable in the warmer times of the year, when you don’t find yourself with as much of an appetite.

The Cost Factor

One of the most immediately appealing aspects of this shift could be the financial side of things. While at a glance, meat might not seem that much more expensive than the ingredients you’d end up buying for vegetarian meals, this difference can add up over time, and the fact that you can buy multiple vegetables to use across a wide range of meals during any given week provides you with a great degree of versatility. The art of honing down your shopping list to being as effective as possible while spending as little as you can is something that helps you save money, and is a practice that can help you in other financial areas.

By Manali