Cereal Box

Cereal packaging boxes are big and spacious in size and once they have served their initial purpose of getting the cereal to people, You can use them for other purposes. One such purpose is a school project for schoolgoers. Keeping in mind the large sizes of the boxes, there are plenty of school projects you can use these for. We will focus on a fictional chapter book like Harry Potter, Captain America or Superman, for example, and will show you how You can make a cereal box book easily in a few steps. 

High-quality Cereal Boxes in customized designs are usually made from rigid materials that offer outstanding non-bendable characteristics for a long time, and that’s precisely what we will be using in our cereal box book project. Start by making sure the box is completely empty, and you will have to make cereals that also match your book. Follow the steps below for each side to produce the perfect book box:

Front Side of the Box:

Get a white or light-colored piece of plain thick paper and do all the following before gluing it on the cereal box.

  • Start with writing and drawing the name and picture of the cereal invented by yourself and related to the title of the fictional book you are going to make and still sounds like the name of a cereal.
  • Choose suitable shapes, colors and designs for your picture and name writing relating to the theme of the book you selected.
  • For example, if you liked Harry Potter, a cereal named ‘Magic Delights’ will work great and toasted oat cereals in the shape of Harry Potter’s magic wand will look relatable.

Right Side of the Box:

The other thing you should include is the story elements from your book. These can be all the characters and settings in your story from existing writing in the chosen book or a new one created by you.

  • Write a heading ‘Ingredients’ and follow it with a line or two about each character and setting in your story.
  • Light-colored thick paper can work great, but you can change the color and design set to suit your type of book.

Left Side of the Box

The left side can describe the main problem and its solution in your book. This is where you try to catch your reader’s attention by using catchy words and phrases appealing to them so that they buy your cereals. 

The backside of the Box

Since the backside is equal in size to the front side and is quite large, you can use this to create something interesting for your readers and audiences. Draw and design a game based on the book you chose, like a maze, a puzzle, a wizard spell or any game that goes well with the whole story and your book grabs your readers’ attention efficiently. Make sure to use information from the fictional book; otherwise, it can look out of place and confusing for the readers.

Left Side of the Box

Write and draw critic reviews for the book showing yourself as the critic. Mention the title, author name and bio, number of pages and the number of stars you would give the fictional book out of five. You can also draw the stars, making the whole thing look great. Include any other information about the book or yourself if you feel necessary. Use all the canvas available and make it look attractive with catchy color tones and custom finish options.

By Manali