The signs are there, the world has gradually shifted towards virtual businesses and one of its riding tools is digital marketing. After the breakout of COVID-19. conventional businesses have suffered a major blow in their service delivery which automatically translates into customer service/interaction, and a truth sales drop compared to those who are highflyers and have cushioned into a seat on the internet space beyond their environs in Dubai.

In today’s read, I will be focusing on one of the main ingredients in enjoying business dominance in the virtual space which would be the creative use of a website. While a website can do many things for you as a business owner, it is best if a sensitive and delicate job as Web Design Dubai is also done by a prudent web design company in Dubai.

When seeking a web design company to offer a listening ear and creatively map out a tailored web design, with a team of seasoned professionals who would take out time to ensure that your best ideas come alive and put to work for you in Dubai. Your best bet would be The Watchtower – Web Design Agency Dubai. 

Is web design that important?

People have said over and over again that appearance matters. Another school of thought says first impression matters. All these boil down to a simple point, which is that: the world is still wired with what they see than what they feel. A web design in Dubai is one of the main things I consider people should go all the way out for, you know why? Because everyone has a website, and everyone is doing the same thing you are doing.

There is a need for you as a website or business owner to be intentional about how your website should appear and how it should serve. Your users are the prospective clients who surf the domain address you had provided them, if you could convince them good enough with an appealing web design. then you just gained a customer/client. In all, how a web design appears determines the actions of the users, hence web design is important.

Can you get an appealing web design in Dubai?

Yes, you can get the best web design you long for in Dubai. Your website can be the talk of the town or the buzz of the internet as the case may be. The place of digitalization has saved plenty of tasks that we no longer need to bother about distance, meet-up meetings, and all those stereotypes to web designs. To get an appealing web design in Dubai, you have two options which are:

Learn the good use of web design.

This would mean burying quality work hours into creative learning of web design. You could put up with a physical class depending on the time on your hands and proximity to your preferred spot, or consider a virtual class/take online courses on platforms like Udemy. Coursera, and the likes. After each class, you can read up more online, get materials on web design, and more importantly practice. It is no miracle when they say practice makes perfect. You can do it!

Employ a web design company.

I know you want that striking Web Design In Dubai, but work and family commitment have you tied down like myself. In my reality, there are so many things I want to do; however, I just simply outsource the tasks to professionals to ensure my time is fully maximized, and guess what, they always come through. With the help of a reliable web design company in Pakistan. you can creatively have your dream web design for that website done for you with ease. A good example of a reliable web design company in Dubai is The Watchtower – Web Design Agency Dubai.

What makes a good web design?

Many things make up a good web design in Dubai for instance, considering the number of amazingly colorful websites and similar businesses out there, there is a need to be intentional with the web design you seek. Things like the typography, colors, font, imagery, line spacing, the content put out, simplicity, the background color, responsiveness, and usefulness are all characteristics that contribute to successful website design. There are several important elements to consider while developing a website that will influence how it is perceived.

A well-designed website in Dubai can aid in the development of trust and the prompting of visitors to take action accordingly.

What are the tips to note in web design?

1. Ensure your homepage is free of clutter.

2. Design with visual hierarchy in mind.

3. Create easy-to-read website content.

4. Ensure your site is easy to navigate.

5. Make sure your website/web design is mobile-friendly.

How to create an appealing web design in Dubai?

As said the above, many exquisite factors play a role in what makes a web design, let me show you how to go about creating them if you are not using a web design company or you need to know what to state to them while they work on your web design. They are:

1. Keep it simple.

I’ll try to best explain it here so you don’t get it misconstrued. You can create mind-blowing and yet captivating designs and yet simple for retention. Remember you have an audience to stimulate their thoughts, also you have a few seconds to make their subconscious pick some vitals from them. They may not need to know your name, but they need to see something unique to remind them of you when next. So, to help their memory, they have tuition fees, global warming. love, and other pressing need to worry about. so, keep it simple, do it for them… please!

2. Have amazing content.

Creating content goes beyond images and videos, not everyone has a cheap monthly data subscription, and others like myself have to consciously watch what is useful or otherwise before clicking the video. But texts are amazing. Creative mesmerizing creative content; employ the services of a creative writer if you don’t have the time or art, but just ensure your web design has amazing content to back it up.

3. Ensure your web design is responsive.

Having a responsive web design is vital since data analytics has shown that we have more people on other mobile devices and on the move than the static computer system that the world has. It is pertinent to factor in the responsiveness of the web design to ensure that the website can easily adjust to whatever device the domain is launched from. If you can recall, you must have attempted launching a domain address or a URL [Uniform Resource Locator] from a mobile phone and you see that the content is distorted. This is because the content was designed just for Personal computers and the mobile phones were not factored in, however, things are changing now, and you need not be left out.

4. The file size is key.

In web design, if you are delegating to a web design company in Dubai or creating by yourself, please ensure that your file size is not too large. Do not use heavy pictures, avoid clogging the interface with video files that are almost impossible to watch. We are not interested!

You can use apps to reduce the file size without losing the quality, and still have the buzz which you so desire.

5. Placements.

Of what point is a “STOP” sign if it is placed behind where it required action? My point is this: you can have a solution or what is intended to be a banner with a CTA [Call to Action] but if wrongly placed, it will just be a waste of effort and time.

A good web design must have the most important actions, menu, discount icons, flash sales, and what have you-carefully placed to drive necessary actions as it ought. Failure to place at the wrong spot ruins the whole process.

6. Ensure you have a good color blend.

By now you should know that web design is the fusion of shapes, images, design, colors, and its interaction with the text [typography], therefore ensure you have a good blend with the colors, know how to mix colors, know how to contrast or just seek help from a web design company in Dubai.

7. Refresh rate.

For every action button hit by the user, the web design must be in such a way that it does not delay. The truth is: that your audience does not have all the time in the world. Fix your refresh rate, let every action be worthwhile and almost instantaneous at least.

In all, a web design company in Dubai will save you all this careful detailing and provide you ample time to tend to your daily life goals. When you need the best web design hands in Dubai, or a team of experts to turn your creative web design ideas into reality with massive traction using SEO [Search Engine Optimization] on your website, I will recommend The Watchtower – Web Design Agency Dubai, which is the best Web Design Company Dubai.

By Manali