Heating Systems Service Shropshire

There is no hiding around the bush about the fact that heating systems are a handful of investments. As they are invested in, for long-term usage, looking after them is crucial, to keep them in good shape. Although you can always look up to expert Heating Systems Service Shropshire, to maintain your boilers for you, looking after them on your own, on a regular basis is equally important.

There are some simple steps that can be extremely beneficial for maintaining your heating systems, covering almost all aspects of your boiler. Moreover, it doesn’t require a lot of time either.

Tips for Maintaining your Heating Systems:

No matter what type or brand of boiler you own, the tips that we have summed up for you here, are applicable for all. Irrespective of their size and models, you can maintain your boilers optimally. However, it is still recommended that you hire a professional Oil Boiler Servicing Shropshire at least once every year to ensure a detailed checkup.

1. Pay Attention to the Filters:

Filters are one of the most critical parts of a heating system. It acts as a barrier for unwanted dust and dirt particles, stopping them from affecting the boiler negatively. Therefore, paying attention to the filters is very important.

The majority of people do not know that filters have a short lifespan. And this is why they need to be changed after some time. The need to change the filter is dependent on your usage. Moreover, the place where your heating system is installed also plays a vital role in this. If your property accumulates a lot of dust, then it is recommended that you check your filters every month or every 3rd week.

Professional Heating Systems Service Shropshire experts always start their maintenance checkup with filter inspection and cleaning. Thus, we know that it is a primary concern for the longevity of your boilers.

Technician is checking air conditioner in factory

2. Properly Lubricate the Heating System Components:

Lubricating the mechanical parts of your heating system are crucial as it ensures smooth functioning and high performance. It helps in keeping the friction low and as a result, your system keeps working just fine. Moreover, many people are oblivious of the fact that lubrication of components also results in low electricity consumption which in turn affects your energy bills as well. Moreover, it shields your parts from extensive damage.

3. Schedule an Annual Checkup:

Although you can and you must check your heating system on a regular basis to ensure its longevity. However, there are some internal details that only an expert can analyze. Oil Boiler Servicing Shropshire experts can help you keep your heating systems fine for the years to come. Thus, scheduling an annual checkup is important. You can do so at the beginning of the winter season as hot water is readily required at all times, during these months.

Furthermore, if your boiler is not functioning properly or is failing to produce warm water, it is critical that you get it repaired as soon as possible.

4. Clean the Ducts:

Ducts are quite similar to filters as they collect dust too. Therefore, cleaning them regularly is important as it boosts the efficacy of your heating system. Likewise, check the gas connection often to maintain the safety of your home as well.


Heating systems are a long-term investment and it is best if we treat them that way too. With the above-mentioned simple tips, you can easily look after your boilers and keep them functioning efficiently for the years to come.

However, it is important to understand that despite taking care of it regularly, it can and it might break down. And that is fine. The aim is to look after the boiler to ensure that its efficiency is maintained and it doesn’t break down too often.

By Manali