Advertising flags are a good method of boosting brand awareness and driving footfalls to retail outlets and events. They can grab eyeballs in the busiest of environments and deliver a high return on investment because of their low cost and durability. You can extend the lifespan of your advertising flags even more with a little care. Some useful tips:

Limit the Flag Use Time

Even if you buy the best quality advertising flag, it will not last forever. However, you can extend its service life by reducing the time of flying it. You can expect a typical flag to last you, anywhere around three to four months, but you can easily extend it by flying it only during the daytime. Anyway, unless, you position the flags in a brightly lit area, very few people will notice them after sundown. It is also a good idea to use the flags intermittently because, after some time people tend to take them for granted and start ignoring them. When you put in a gap and display them again, it arouses new interest among people, and they will notice them more.

Let the Flag Fly Free

Careful selection of the position of the flag is another major factor in extending the life of the flag. If the flag size is too big and it makes contact with the sides of buildings, trees, walls, or other obstructions, it will tend to fray and tear quickly due to the abrasion. The ideal solution is to display the flags in locations that do not have any obstruction. However, when it is not possible, you need to choose the shape and size of the flag in a way that permits them to fly free. For example, when a standard rectangular flag keeps hitting an obstruction, you can think of teardrop or triangle flags that are less wide.

Reduce Exposure to Inclement Weather 

Exposing the flag needlessly to the weather can reduce its life expectancy. Following the weather forecasts and taking your flags down when it is stormy, raining, or snowing hard can also help. In any case, when the weather is bad, looking at flags is perhaps the last thing on people’s minds. Even though flags perform at their best in sunny weather, continued exposure to the blazing sunlight that contains UV radiation can make the flag material brittle and cause fading of the colors, according to the Library of Congress. You can consult your flag printer regarding the use of UV-stable inks or special fabric treatment options that can slow down the fading. However, there is no way; fading due to the weather can be stopped.


Even if you use the best flags, they will start looking drab and dirty after some time due to the dust and dirt accumulating on them. The problem is more in heavily polluted areas as soot settles on the fabric and causes flags to lose their luster. Taking the flags down and cleaning those with a soapy solution in lukewarm water can usually prove effective. Be sure not to use harsh commercial cleaners as they can damage the color and the fabric.

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