Roof windows might seem like a luxury or something that only homeowners with an artistic sense might want to have. However, it is a very practical addition given the right circumstances. For instance, if you are limited by wall space, having roof windows ensures that a particular part of a room doesn’t have a dull feel. The professionals at James Kate Roofing & Solar are practiced at fitting such windows, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about a lack of wall space when considering a window.

Types of Roof Windows

While the terms ‘roof window’ and ‘skylight’ tend to be used interchangeably, some structural differences can distinguish one from the other. The following are the types of roof windows:

i)Walkable Skylight: This is both a window and a floor. Such roof windows are typically installed as part of the roof or a second floor, meaning people can walk on its surface while it allows light into the room.

ii) Fixed Skylight: This is your archetypal roof window, set in the roofline even though it doesn’t open.

iii) Tubular Skylights: These are mini-, bubble-like domes of roof windows. They are placed on the roof while the part that opens into the room gives the appearance of a light bulb.

iv) Solar-Powered Skylights: If you prefer something more high-tech while being eco-friendly, these solar skylights are perfect. They come equipped with sensors, thereby enabling them to open and close according to weather conditions. This means they can control how much light and heat gets into the house.

The following are the benefits of roof windows or skylights:

1)Having More Natural Light in a Room

This is one of the major reasons people find roof windows attractive. They’re an ingenious way to add more natural light to a room. This is crucial if you live in regions of the world where natural light is scarce year-round. Improved mood and well-being are associated with exposure to natural light. Skylights help to bring such light effortlessly. At night, they can help to keep out light, thereby ensuring your sleep is not interrupted by unnecessary illumination.

2) Boosts Energy Savings

In terms of saving energy costs, roof windows are a great option. Having them installed throughout the house means that fewer bulbs need to be turned on throughout the day. This will translate into a lower electricity bill. To add to their energy-saving potential, skylights also have an insulation film. This allows reduces the amount of heat transferred into the house while allowing natural light—a good thing for temperature control.

3) Improved Ventilation

Roof windows in the kitchen area and living room tend to act more as architectural and aesthetic features; however, they can help to improve air ventilation in these areas. Vented roof windows, for instance, are a great option for places that tend to experience high amounts of humidity. In this instance, it is great for bathrooms and laundry rooms. Vented skylights are also good for kitchens and other rooms where a smell is much more likely to linger. Vented roof windows, when opened, help create an airflow channel that gets rid of smells, humidity, or smoke.

4) Aesthetics

The aesthetic value of custom-made roof windows cannot be underestimated. When placed in the right areas, skylights can revamp a house’s interior and exterior appearances simultaneously. Whether it’s a modern townhouse or a chateau, skylights can provide the right mix of style that makes a house more appealing. 

5) Increased Home Value

While this might be harder to pin down, having fancy roof windows will definitely add more curb appeal to your house. With such an appeal comes the ability to command a higher price. The prices of different types of skylights are different, making it difficult to estimate exactly how much of a house’s value is added with the installation of roof windows.

6) Better Privacy

A common issue with regular windows is that they don’t always provide privacy. For instance, if you live close to a road, it means you always have to be wary of strangers looking into the house through your window. As such, you’ll always be worried about whether the blinds or curtains are drawn or not. Such problems don’t exist with a skylight. You get natural light without having to worry about your privacy.

At the end of the day, a roof window affords several perks. It will make a house more appealing while helping to capture more light. As long as you can afford one, it will be worth it.

By Manali