A built-in grill serves as the centerpiece of many outdoor kitchens. When a person plans this outdoor living project, they need to ensure the right grill is selected. It will be used regularly and must hold up with time. What should a person consider when purchasing this unit? 

The Grill 

When choosing a grill, people find they have several options. Some people choose an economy grill, only to find this isn’t a long-term investment. They must replace the grill in a few years or do without. However, people often find an economy grill ideal for when they first begin cooking outdoors. The learning curve isn’t as steep because these grills have few extras. 

As their skills progress, these same individuals often choose to upgrade to a premium or luxury model. The materials used to construct these grills are of the highest quality, and many styles come with a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, these grills tend to be of the built-in variety. Anyone interested in a Coyote is looking for a premium or luxury grill. 

Kitchen Shape

Next, a person must consider the shape of the kitchen and the size of the desired grill. This grill must fit into the space reserved in the outdoor kitchen layout. However, it must also have the cooking surface desired by the buyer. As a person becomes more adept at cooking outdoors, they often want to invite friends and family to join them for meals. Ensure the grill will accommodate the number of people to be fed. Otherwise, some foods must be prepared indoors, leaving one or more people to miss out on the fun. 

Outdoor Living Design

When purchasing a grill, the buyer must consider the space where the unit will go. Is this area set up with the cook in mind, or is the focus on those who will be enjoying the meals? If cooking is the main goal, consider a grill that comes with built-in storage space. For those who are purchasing a grill for the purpose of entertaining, the grill should accommodate large meals easily. The grill should blend in with the overall design while keeping its purpose in mind. 

Material Options

Consider the materials used in the construction of the outdoor kitchen when choosing a grill. Many people choose to mix materials in this space and combine brick and wood with stainless steel. Other people, however, want a more rustic look and might want something that doesn’t stand out as much. Don’t overlook a grill because it doesn’t fit with the rest of the decor. Find ways to help it blend in, such as building a living wall around the grill. There are ways to make any grill blend in with the surroundings. It just requires creativity on the part of the owner. 

Fuel Source

Finally, consider the fuel source of each grill being considered. A person who runs their current grill using propane may find they need to install a natural gas line to the grill because that is the only option offered. Having this information in hand makes it easier to plan for the project cost and ensures there are no unpleasant surprises as the project moves forward. 

Consider all factors when purchasing a built-in grill for an outdoor kitchen. Work with a professional to ensure the right unit is selected. Doing so ensures the owner gets the best return on their investment and can create meals that others will love while remaining outdoors and part of the action. 

By Manali