lemoade braids

Lemonade braids are not only stylish but also protective. Instead of constantly straightening your natural hair, consider trying a style that will consider your hair’s health. Braids are great protective styles, they are versatile, can be worn in a lot of different ways, and can be worn for a few different occasions.

Protective Styles versus Natural Styles:

Both protective and natural styles can look good on different hair textures. However, there are definitely some things to keep in mind when deciding which route to go.  Protective styles are great if you want to get a style to last longer than two months. These styles prevent your hair from breaking and allow your hair to grow longer since you are not constantly manipulating your hair.  Protective styles also allow you to enjoy straight styles when your hair is not chemically or heat treated.

Natural hair is always considered healthier than chemically treated hair. But coupled with improper care, natural styles tend to be more damaging to hair. When hair is in a protective style, they are not exposed to dirt, dust, or other harsh external environment. The roots of the hair are not exposed to harmful conditions.  When the hair falls, it is not pulled or tugged as in braiding styles. This is the best way to keep hair strong and healthier.

Protective styles are styles that try to conserve or protect natural hair. This includes braids, sew in weaves, twists, or cornrows. Protective styles are worn for a variety of reasons. Some women wear them to help grow their hair long or to help their hair grow healthy. Women wear braids to prevent their ends from fraying. Some women wear them to protect their hair during physical activities such as exercising or sporting. Protective styles were created to protect the natural hair. In turn, they can help the hair grow healthier and longer. Protective styles are worn because the braids and twists are much easier to maintain and style than natural hair.

Benefits of Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids are very much in fashion. The Lemonade Braids are of bright colors, which can be worn with any outfit. This is also very much safe for the hair as the colors do not sit on the hair. Rather, it fades out from the hair as the hair grows. It is very much useful to the hair, as it does not make the hair dry or weak. It is known to be the most admired hairstyle for the summer season and is a perfect summer accessory.

How to get Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids is a very long braid with pigtails at the end. That makes it a very eye-catching hairstyle indeed. Do not get fooled by its simplicity. It’s hard to do! But we have a simple way of getting it done. First of all, make a part on the side, and braid the hair starting from the front to the back. It’s good to braid it loosely. When you want to make pigtails, it’s good to braid the hair starting from the back first, so that you get good-sized pigtails. Now, what you should do is to tie the hair with a rubber band at the end. Before tying the rubber band at the end, you should twist your pigtails a little to get the shape you like. Then tie the rubber band.


Braiding is a traditional way to style natural hair. Many women have a go-to braid but when it comes to protective braids, you aren’t as familiar with the different options. If you are looking for a fancy, cute, and trendy hairstyle for this summer, then you are in the right place. Today, let’s talk about trendy hairstyles with lace front wigs. With the development of the fashion and beauty industry, lace front wigs and accessories are gaining popularity. This summer, lace front wigs have been the trendy hairstyles on the street.

By Manali