Nail Art Trends

It won’t be wrong to say that women’s hands are the label. They are actually the first thing that you notice when you come in contact with them. This explains why women are extremely picky about their nail salon appointment. With so many options to get inspiration from this year, it helps to know what’s trending in nail art. we have heard you and bring you the latest in nail art and nail care:

1: Nudes and Neutrals

Yes, it feels like nudes and neutrals will never go out of style. But they are just so good, don’t you agree? People’s love for nudes has grown stronger over the years too. If you happen to look at what made it to the spring and summer 2022 runways, it’s shades of beige and light pink. Warm beige never goes out of style when it comes to creating a minimalist look.

So don’t underestimate nudes and neutrals. They go with just about any kind of look. If you want to add some excitement to the nails, don’t be afraid to apply nail stickers.

2: Marble Nails

We are not talking about the black and white marble nails here. This season, it’s all about colored marble nails. Pick any color combination you want (bold or simple) and go for that cool marble look.

3: 3D Decals

If you are into embellishments, you are going to love this nail art design. Manicured nails with colorful gems, pom-poms, and bear charms are already all over Instagram. These decals can take your manicure to the next level. After getting an acrylic nail extension appointment, the playfield is yours. Elevate your manicure with these cuties.

4: Animal Prints

You must have seen the Jenners sporting animal print manicure on Instagram. Well, animal prints are not limited to the classic cheetah and leopard print. These sure are the safest bet but another design is called the season’s new hot. It’s Cow print. Even Ariana Grande has been sporting this sassy style.

5: Single Nail Feature

Want to get creative with nail art? sport a single nail feature manicure. As per this design, you must paint all your nails in a single color but one of the nails has to be a bold color of your choice to make the nail pop. It could either be a sparkly nail, metallic, graphic, or one in a pattern. The possibilities are endless.

6: Metallic Nails

There is no doubt about it, metallic nails are having a moment in the present season. This craze opened up because of none other than Kylie Jenner who had been rocking this bold style almost regularly.  The good thing metallic works in any color. If you have coffin-shaped long nails, go for metallic nails to make a statement.

7: 90s Style

The 90s style has trickled down the fashion trends in 2022 and let us tell you one thing, it’s not a fad. Checkered patterns are all the rage these days. When rocking a checkered or plaid design, don’t forget to add straight lines with it. where you want to add the line is totally up to you.

8: French Tips

French manicure hasn’t gotten out of style. You can stay that it has been replaced by something even cooler which is French tips in your favorite color.

This style looks good on long nails of oval, almond, and square shapes. You can also experiment with it if you have shorter oval nails. DO explore the different colors in French tips out there and just go with the flow. Consider this to be a bold and minimalistic look.

9: Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye has been all the rage over the past few years. A tie-dye hoodie is not the only thing that you can own these days. Tie-Dye nails are trending too. A swirly pattern such as this is going to look bold and beautiful!

10: Midnight Black

Black can never go out of style. For days when you don’t know which color to paint your nails with, a classic back is a timeless option for both men and women! And if you are like David Rose from Schitt’s Creek, who wears all-black every single day, then this manicure will do the job just fine!

11: Matte Topcoats

Glossy nails always look lovely but so do matte topcoats. In fact, matte topcoats have transformative effects which explain why this finish has been trending all year long. You don’t have to do much to create this look. Once you are done painting your nails. Simply throw a coat of mattifying nail polish and you are ready to go.

So much is trending in nail art this season which gives you lots of styles to experiment with and pull off a remarkable nail game! Start with these trends and wow yourself and others.

By Manali