Happiness is essential for us to live a healthy life. Research has shown we do need happiness to live a healthy life. When we feel happy our mind releases happiness hormones like Endorphins. This hormone is essential for the feel-good factor, and you need to feel happy to release Endorphin. Sometimes a little change can be a factor in your happiness, for example, you are adding Photo Dump captions and posting it on Instagram. We need to find new ways to make ourselves happy and should try to enter the parties like the child’s birthday. These innocent parties can do wonders for you. 

This can suddenly change your mode and you can release your stress and anxiety through this little happiness or by the mode changing activities. Patients with anxiety and stress usually forget to smile and this can cause a condition of anxiety in such people. Doctors usually suggest to the patient the anxiety to release their tension by changing the environment.

why you do need to feel happy about your life and avoid too  stressful conditions

Try to arrange your child’s birthday party:

People may ask you how to release tension and anxiety to increase the feel-good factor. Try to arrange a party like a Birthday party for your child, mingle with children. You would be amazed to learn, that it readily eradicates the tension and anxiety condition. You would feel relaxed and happy while you are selling and playing with the children. It would do wonders for you and you would feel relaxed and happy after spending some time with children. This can be a great stress-releasing place for you. 

People do love to attend the Bar club and the places like the nightclubs t release their tension. But we are suggesting you may need to spend some time with your family. This would be great stress relieving and mode boosting thing for you. It is best to post your child’s party 

Try to smile forcefully:

You may be amazed to know even when you smile forcefully, your bra


in releases the Endorphin hormones and you would feel happy. Try to smile forcefully Doctors suggest, that when you are feeling stressed try to smile and you will feel happy. This is known as “Smile Therapy”. It would eradicate your grief and for a moment you would feel that you are a happy person. When you make a habit of smiling every time, you would feel that sometimes you are not able to reduce your anxiety and stress. You may add a Photo Dump captions on Facebook to feel happy. It may provide you a little thing to smile about and may eradicate your grief and stress.

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Stress may be reduced dramatically by the feeling good factor, you can use simile Therapy to eradicate the feeling of anxiety and stress. It is best to feel good about things and it can be great to reduce the level of stress on your mind.

By Manali