Microsoft Dynamics 365 has brought enterprise resource planning (ERP) to the next level by combining it with customer relationship management (CRM). This massive, yet flexible and customizable suite offers complex care for your business while professional Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation services will help you to develop a competitive edge as soon as possible.

Robust Scalability

Regardless of its size, any modern company is looking for scalability in an ERP system.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a pay-as-you-go system based on modules. In practice, it means you can flexibly subscribe to the applications you need and resign from the redundant ones. Instead of traditional annual license payments, you only pay for the relevant services, on a monthly basis. Furthermore, your payment depends on the number of users and their access to the system’s functionality. Thus, you will not have to overpay for Microsoft Dynamics 365 if you need to scale it down. At the same time, you can scale it up any time you need.

The cloud architecture unifies the system versions across your company even if it operates globally. If you choose the cloud suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation services will deploy the system for your company and make necessary configurations. Meanwhile,  any updates will be performed automatically and you will have the same system across all your devices.

Powerful Data Collection and Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is equipped with efficient tools for data collection and analysis. It retrieves, stores and represents customer data in a comprehensible way, making it easier for you to personalize the customer experience. Pre-built key performance indicators (KPIs) will help you understand your clients even better.

This ERP suite also takes care of any other data relevant to your business. For instance, its functionality will help you to manage your finances as well as production planning. Cortana Intelligence, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI are some of the state-of-the-art tools going beyond standard statistics. They will help you understand the underlying trends of your business and will give your prescriptive recommendations for more informed decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Services to Enhance Your Productivity

Despite its intrinsic design, this ERP system is relatively simple to deploy. If you choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation services like XPLUS, you will be able to count on professional help from experienced Microsoft partners.

Cooperation with implementation service providers helps to set proper configurations and tailor them exactly to the needs of your company. With their help, you will also understand better automation capacities for tasks and workflows and avoid costly modifications in the future.

Receiving all of the necessary information, establishing an effective implementation plan and executing it will help you significantly reduce the time before the rollout of your new system.

By Manali