Bangalore and Chennai are some of the cities in Southern India that have become popular amongst youngsters because of the many employment opportunities available. Bangalore is the IT hub of the country, and many companies and MNCs have established their offices there. As a result, young people from different parts of the country move to Bangalore to work with top companies and improve their career graphs. But, moving to a new city brings many challenges, one of which is finding rented accommodation. If you are looking for rental flats in Chennai, you must consider the following aspects before choosing an accommodation –

  • Distance from work 

The location of your workplace should be the focus when choosing a rented flat in a new city. You should find rented flats in Bangalore that would be close to your office. There are different reasons for the same. Firstly, living alone in a new city means handling many responsibilities at work and at home. You would need as much time as possible on your hands to manage all your tasks. There is no reason to waste precious hours traveling from your home to the office. Also, commuting to the office in a new city can be challenging because you would not know the routes. Hence, you should find a house closer to your office. 

  • Access to markets

No matter where you choose to live, you would need essentials and groceries. While living on your own, you would need to manage to go to the market post-work to stock up on the necessities. It will be beneficial if markets are easily accessible near your house. You would not have to spend time traveling to far-off places for groceries. Also, in an emergency, you can easily step out of the house and buy whatever you need. 

  •  Safety and neighbourhood

It is absolutely necessary that you find rental flats in Chennai that are situated in safe localities. Safety is essential for all and must not be compromised. You must conduct research to identify the areas where the crime rate is low and there is higher safety. In addition, you should look for localities and neighbourhoods that have more families and working professionals. Especially if you are a girl planning to live alone, a family neighbourhood would be safe. 

  • Timings and Permissions

You may find some rental flats or accommodations that have restrictions on the movement of residents. They may require the individuals to return before a time at night. Societies may close their gates and not provide access beyond a time limit. Hence, it would be necessary for you to identify if any such conditions and restrictions on movement exist. You should check if you need permission from the landlords to come home late. Also, understand if such restrictions align with your lifestyle before choosing a flat. 

  • Rent Agreement

The rent agreement is a document that contains the legal conditions of renting between the tenant and the house-owner. It mentions the conditions like the rent amount, the date of payment, and any permissions or restrictions for living in the house. It would also contain the conditions for renewal and increasing rent after some time. The standard time duration for a rent agreement is eleven months, after which it renews, and a percentage of the rent increases. The conditions of the rental agreement must be read properly before signing.  

  • Deposit and Brokerage

While looking for rented flats in Bangalore, you may find options that suit your budget. There are many flats in good locations with low rents. But, the deposit amount may be high. A deposit needs to be given to the landowner while renting a house, which is paid back to the tenant when they vacate it. The standard principle is to take a lump sum of three months’ rent. But, some homeowners charge a higher deposit from single working professionals. Hence you must demand to know the deposit amount before making a decision. The same applies to brokerage. While finding a rental home through platforms like, you need not pay the brokerage in most cases. However, if you are taking the help of a broker, they would charge for their service. While hiring a broker, ask the percentage or amount they will charge you. Finding an affordable flat will not alone be beneficial if you spend a lot on brokerage and deposits. 

  • Water and Power backup

Amongst the many necessities is the need for water and power backup. A continuous and uninterrupted supply of both would be necessary. As a new resident in a new city, you would not be aware of the areas where water and electricity may be a problem. Hence, research the areas where these issues may be prevalent and choose the options that provide a better supply of water and electricity.


Finding a rental flat in a city can be daunting. But, conducting research and spending time looking into multiple areas can be beneficial in helping you make a choice. If you consider the factors discussed above while looking for a flat, you would be able to find options that are close to your workplace and market, safe, and within your budget. Be aware of the conditions in the rent agreement and clarify any discrepancies in the clauses before signing it. You can always choose online platforms like to ease the process of finding a rental flat in Bangalore or Chennai. 

By Manali