People these days spend time taking care of their skin. You would want to look presentable and good whenever you go out. The beauty industry opens the door for many opportunities in different services.

You can take professional beauty therapy courses and start your journey as a beauty therapist. Like any career option, you need to have a certain degree or certification courses before being called a beauty therapist because it teaches you everything you need to learn as a practitioner.

What does a beauty therapist do?

Beauty therapy is like an umbrella under which many things come. It is a broad term and covers various treatments that can be done on the body and face. Beauty therapy doesn’t include any medical procedures, e.g., fillers or cosmetic surgeries.

Beauty therapy trains you for different services like

  • Facials and skincare
  • Hair Removal and Massages
  • Makeup application and Hair Dressing
  • Manicures and Pedicures

Why is it necessary to do beauty therapy courses?

Any procedure or service you provide as a therapist needs proper knowledge and training. This course teaches you how to handle clients and what suits them. It gives you a professional certification as a right to practice what you have learned.

You can choose to do a diploma course or take further certifications after it. Beauty therapy makes you better recognised and helps in building trust. It helps you learn the practical and theoretical aspects of the beauty industry.

Please make sure the course you enrol in is recognised by ITEC, City and Guilds, VTCT, and Edexcel as they provide authentic courses.

Career opportunities after taking a beauty therapy course

A recognised beauty therapy course can open doors for professional career opportunities and give you a platform to practice with clients. You can choose and practice on any of the following careers out of many:

  • Spa therapist: You can have your spa centre or work with an existing owner. There are luxurious opportunities like being a cruise ship spa therapist. You can travel the world while working.
  • Beauty educator: This might require you to do courses and gain experience, but after achieving both of them, you can become a beauty educator. You can pass your knowledge to others. You can become a manager or even a freelance beauty therapist.
  • Beauty Blogger/ Writer: This field is rapidly growing due to social media. You can get a broad audience and product review blogger and feedback products. You can have your own write up about how one can learn makeup or any other skill.
  • Celebrity makeup artist: It’s yet another highly in-demand field. If you feel you have a good idea about makeup, you can become a makeup artist for celebrities.

The journey for this asks for professional knowledge. When you work on skin, you need to know the texture, sensitives, etc., so makeup doesn’t cause any irritation.

Final Word

The beauty industry is for every creative person who is ready to learn. Beauty therapy courses give you many advantages as it helps you learn new trends and methods. It helps with your qualification as a beauty therapist.

If you have any expertise in a particular niche, you can even become a lecturer for a course.

By Manali