Weddings are amazing and fun. People plan for weddings weeks and months before the date, and preparations seem to be never enough for weddings. The bride and her family need to keep many things in check before the wedding, and choosing the bridesmaid dresses is one of the significant tasks on the list.

Choosing the dresses for a bridesmaid is not an easy task; you have to consult with each of your bridesmaids and understand their preferences. But, the final decision is yours, and one crucial thing to follow is the dresses should complement the bride’s gown very well. If not complementing, it very least shouldn’t look odd when everyone stands together.

Now, how do you choose the best dresses for the bridesmaids and ensure it complements the bride’s dress?

It would be best to keep the following thing in mind to ensure that the bridesmaid dresses look stunning and complements the bride’s dress when the bride and bridesmaids stand next to each other.

Keep your budget in mind.

Weddings are unique, and the last thing you want is a financial shortage in the middle of the ceremony or debt after the wedding. So, not just the dresses, fix the budget for the whole wedding and keep a certain amount for the dresses. By doing this, you can easily sort out the options.

You can also give a choice to your bridesmaids for the selection and let them buy the design that compliments your dress.

Shop together

The dresses you buy are not for you, but the bridesmaids of your wedding. So, going alone to buy those dresses may not be a good idea. When your girls tag along to the shopping spree, they can also suggest and help you select the dresses. It is always good to have the person with you if you are buying a dress for them. When you buy the clothing items and accessories with everyone, there will not be room for complaints later.

Keep the style in mind.

Whatever concept or style you are planning for your wedding, you need to align the dresses with it. That means you need to consider the wedding hall, the lighting, and decorations while choosing the costume.

Don’t focus too much on the matching.

It is good to have bridesmaid dresses that compliment the bride’s dress, but they shouldn’t be too similar to the wedding dress.

For example, the bridesmaid dress can have sparkling attachments or colour variations different from the bride’s dress. As a bride, you are the one that should be shining on that day.

Keep the formality

Sure, weddings are a personal occasion, but the dresses need to be semi-formal. The bride or bridesmaid shouldn’t look odd during the wedding. Hence, avoid strange-looking or revealing attire. The wedding will be attended by people of different age groups and children. Wearing a risque dress won’t be appreciated.

These steps will help you buy the right bridesmaid dress for your wedding. And not just any dresses, those which complement your wedding dress.

Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are not that difficult, and one needs to focus on the points mentioned above before making their decisions. Only through these steps can one buy the dresses perfect for the bridesmaids at the wedding. So, remember these points before you, and your bridesmaids go for a shopping spree.

By Manali