What are The Job Oriented Courses After B.Tech?


Dec 8, 2022

With the rising population, in today’s world finding a job is pretty much difficult for people. As the population increases the number of skilled individuals also increases which makes the competition difficult for people to find a nice job.

India has a very high rate of unemployment owing to its large population, hence to find a nice job is a great task to accomplish in India. If you enrol yourself in the top private engineering colleges in Maharashtrasuch as TERNA College of Engineering, Osmanabad, you will find many career-oriented Btech courses for yourself. 

  • Overview

Engineering is the most sought graduation course that students take after completing school. As today’s world requires skilled individuals, it is very important to develop certain skills that enable you with great job opportunities. With the rising number of engineering graduates, there are very few people who get their desired jobs through campus placements. While the remaining majority tries to find other relevant skills to acquire to boost their value and knowledge and hence get their dream job.

Today we live in a world surrounded by engineers. Engineers have resolved great problems and brought a revolution to the world. Using their knowledge and innovations, engineers have helped people to ease their living by transforming people’s lifestyles.

Although, B.Tech is the most employable degree in India, not all get their dream jobs. So a majority of graduates wish to continue their studies further by applying for competitive exams such as GATE ( Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ) for pursuing M.Tech, CAT etc for education and civil services exams like UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), SSC (Staff Selection Commission), etc. to work for the nation.

We will further see each available option in detail. Before that let us see some reasons to pursue these job-oriented courses.

  • Reasons for pursuing job-oriented courses

Here we will see some important reasons behind pursuing job-oriented courses:

  • Higher pay scale

With extra qualifications in your resume, you are well suited for senior positions that offer much higher pay scales. Looking from these perspectives, job-oriented courses are a great investment that you can make in yourself, both in terms of money and time to get a higher return in future. By completing these courses you get an inch closer to perfecting the field you want to make your career.

  • Learning new skills

Completing these courses helps you to acquire new skills. Having a B.Tech degree along with some constructive skills can help you to a great extent in getting your dream job.

  • Multiple professions

Having an engineering degree from the best engineering colleges in Osmanabad with some good skills and certificates help you to be flexible in any career of your choice or else get a promotion in your current job. For example, a B.Tech + MBA graduate can make his/her career in both technical and management fields as per their convenience and growth aspects.

Now let us see some top career options after completing B.Tech in detail.

  • Top career options after B.Tech along with the courses to pursue that career

It is very important to choose the right career option after completing your graduation. There are many best Btech colleges in Maharashtra that help you in choosing an ideal career path after receiving your Btech degree in any specialisation.  Let us see some of them:

  1. Further Higher Studies

One of the best and most popular career options after engineering is to complete your further studies.

A B.Tech student can prepare for the GATE exam and try to score higher in order to get admission to top colleges for M.Tech ( Masters in Technology ).

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an exam conducted by AICTE which tests the student’s Comprehensive understanding of undergraduate engineering subjects.

By scoring high scores in GATE, one can get admission into the most prestigious colleges in the country like TERNA College of Engineering (Osmanabad), IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and NIT (National Institute of Technology) for M.Tech. M.Tech is one of the most preferred job-oriented courses after completing B.Tech. Top Mtech Colleges in Maharashtraoffer M Tech degrees in multiple domains such as mechanical, civil, electronics, food technology, and many more. 

Some benefits of M.Tech are

  • Getting a higher pay scale
  • Getting a competitive advantage
  • Boosting your resume for higher positions
  • Expanding your practical knowledge and skills in your field

Some top colleges to pursue M.Tech in India 

TERNA College of Engineering is one of the most popular BTech colleges in Solapur. It is best known for its quality education and multiple engineering domains. TERNA, Osmanabad offers both Btech and Mtech degrees in their campus area with the best placement rates. 

Being one of the best M tech colleges in Maharashtra, this engineering college offers various Masters’s courses in engineering domains such as Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and so on. 

  1. Get a Management Degree

It will be astonishing for someone to think what benefits would a degree in management provide after completing B.Tech.

Well apart from M.Tech, one of the most popular options after completing B.Tech is pursuing an MBA (Masters in Business Administration), a degree in the field of Management.

Studying Management can help a student to get a very high-paying job. If you are a computer engineer (B.Tech) then pursuing MBA is the most sought option for getting a great job. A B.Tech + MBA graduate can get jobs in higher positions at a very early stage providing him great opportunities for future promotions and a very high pay scale.

To enter the field of Management, one has to complete an MBA. MBA is the second most preferred job-oriented course to follow after completing B.Tech. For MBA admissions, one has to clear the CAT ( Common Aptitude Test). The higher you score in CAT, the better college you get. One of the top colleges to pursue an MBA in India Is IIMs (Indian Institute of Management).

MBA graduates can get managerial roles at different companies. For anyone who wants to climb to the top positions in a company faster, this is the best option. By this, you can get high-paying jobs and more responsible higher positions.

  1. Learn trending skills and become an expert in them

If you want to stand out from your companions, you can always specialize in any trending skill from your field or any other field. For this, you can take a course or certification in an in-demand skill. Many companies seek engineers who are familiar with the latest technologies like Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, SEO (search engine optimization) etc.

Jobs in these sectors are getting better day by day. Also as these skills are in demand, you don’t need to worry about not getting a job.

There are various skills that you can master. Every skill has different applications and scope. So you can choose any course at your convenience which you want to master.

  1. Get into Civil Services

If you are still confused after completing B.Tech and you want to serve the nation then you can choose to opt for civil services. It might probably be the best job-oriented course after B.Tech that every Indian parent won’t mind trying.

Civil services are among the favourite and most reputed career options. To get into civil services, one has to clear the UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission) civil services exam, which is one of the most difficult exams in the world.

If you get a higher rank in UPSC, then you can get the most prestigious designations of IAS, IPS, IRS and IFS.

These are the most reputed government post In the country.

  1. Complete a standard certification course

Well for someone who wants to gain new skills and acquire more and more knowledge, there is no end to learning. B.Tech graduates can enrol in different certification courses that are offered in the field of Engineering.

Some of the most valued certification programs for fresher B.Tech graduates include Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (Core Infrastructure), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), CSM (Certified ScrumMaster), and PMP (Project Management Professional) to name a few.

Getting professional certifications can help you in expanding your skills and knowledge, boost your pay scale, professional development, etc.

  1. Join the Indian Armed Force

The Indian Armed Forces consist of three wings

  • Indian Army
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Air force

The Indian Army is based on land operations whereas the Indian Navy is for the water (ocean) operations and Indian Air force as the name suggests is for air operations. A B.Tech graduate can enrol in any of the three wings by fulfilling the necessary criteria and qualifying for the respective exams. For B.Tech graduates looking for a nice government job, this is a very good option.

After completing your B.Tech (Engineering), you can join the technical squad or the ground squad of the Indian Air Force, depending on your qualifications and skills. Usually, B.Tech graduates can get in through the AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) Entry scheme.

Another way is through the exams like NDA and CDS. By qualifying for NDA and by clearing it you can directly get the post of Lieutenant in any of the three wings.

  1. Getting into Public Service Jobs

As we know about the GATE exam, we need to see how GATE can also benefit you in getting jobs in PSUs (Public Sector Units). After B.Tech, you can choose to enter government-led PSUs and earn yourself a high-paying job by getting good marks in the GATE exam.

But as every student aspires to a government job, the competition here is very high. But if you get a job in any PSUs then definitely it will be a great job for you. Every PSU has their own required GATE score for recruitment.

Jobs in PSUs offer great pay scale, security, pensions and respect in society along with several other complimentary benefits. Some famous PSUs are

  • BHEL (Bharat heavy electricals limited)
  • ONGC ( Oil and Natural Gas Corporation)
  • IOCL ( Indian Oil Corporation Limited)
  • SAIL ( Steel Authority of India Limited)
  • Conclusion

So as we saw engineers have some great job oriented courses to look upon after completing their B.Tech. We have discussed almost every course and exam that you can look for, to get a nice high paying and reputed job. Now, at last, it depends on you whether you want to go for government jobs, private jobs, army or corporate jobs. Just be careful before choosing any course as it will determine your career and your future.

By Manali