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You only need a high-speed internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted services.
You can get rid of your cable TV provider by purchasing an Amazon Firestick. Instead, you will be able to use the Firestick’s hand-picked applications. Amazon Firestick is revolutionizing the way you can watch the latest movies, play games, and do more on your TV screen.

Some Common FireStick apps

These apps are the best to use on an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Streamingsites do not just offer entertainment apps. You can find tons of apps on this platform that you can download to your firestick. Firestick supports many apps including news and music apps. The best streaming sites will offer you the best Netflix alternatives in this age of binge-watching.
You can browse sites without an app using the Amazon Silk browser, or by installing Chrome on your firestick. Streamingsites offers hundreds of entertainment options.


  • There are more than 400 entertainment apps and sites.
  • 24 Types/Genres of Apps: TV Shows streaming sites, Music apps, and radio.
  • The search function makes it easy to find the site you are looking for or browse the list of free and paid apps.
  • Streamingsites provides a brief review and description for each site you find.

Cinema APK

Cinema APK is the most popular lightweight Firestick app for entertainment. This app is essential for streaming or watching movies, TV shows, games, and other entertainment. It is an Android app and does not yet have compatibility with iOS. There are also regular upgrades to the database.


  • You can schedule your favorite TV Shows and movies without ads.
  • It offers seamless performance and allows you to watch content without interruptions.
  • This app is free and you can stream content for hundreds upon hours.


Kodi is a popular streaming media player that millions of Firestick users use. You can download this application to your Firestick and use it for streaming movies, listening, playing music, and watching your favorite TV shows.
Below are the top features of Kodi that will help you make the most of it.

  • Amazing user interface
  • Open Source frame network application
  • Access to thousands and hundreds of movies in all genres
  • You can share photos and screenshots
  • Kodi allows you to record your favorite TV shows and stream them later if you need to.

CyberFlix TV

The CyberFlix TV app is another Firestick application that can be used to stream content like online TV shows, movies on your TV, and many more. CyberFlix TV works on Android devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and Android TV. It is not compatible with iOS devices. Below are the top features of the CyberFlixTV app:

  • All your favorite and view history on Cyberflix TV is available back.
  • Cyberflix TV can be installed on any Android device.
  • You can stream your TV shows seamlessly, without interruptions.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a reliable Firestick application that works just like Netflix and Hulu. This app can be downloaded to your Firestick. You can search for top-watched web series and movies. You can also download the app to view live TV on your Firestick. Below are the top features of the Pluto TV App:

  • This app has hundreds of channels.
  • This app does not require registration or login.
  • It is integrated with special features that add all the top movies every week to the list.
  • You can watch the uninterrupted high-quality video at 720p and also download videos.

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You should make the most of your Fire Stick when you purchase it. These apps let you stream videos, watch live TV, listen to music, and play video games from it. You only need a fast active internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted services.

By Manali