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To repair problems with Sling TV with loading issues Check for service interruptions. If there’s no outage Clear all Sling TV app data and cache.

Look for service outages

Service outages can result in loading problems.

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It happens when the servers of Sling become overwhelmed and are unable to respond to requests within the timeframe you expect to experience this during the night in particular when a huge celebration is occurring or holidays.

If you think there is a problem with your service If you suspect that it is a service outage, call Sling and verify that this is indeed the case.

However, service interruptions are only fixable with Sling and the most effective option you could pursue is to hold off until it’s resolved.

This is the reason why contacting Sling will be beneficial.

They’ll tell you the length of time a fix will take, so you can relax knowing it won’t take forever.

Check the status of your device

  • If you own the Air TV that lets you access local TV channels with the Sling subscription, you should check the device.
  • Be sure to check for warning lights , or check if any lights are on.
  • If you discover any issues within the box, try restarting it by disconnecting it off the wall.
  • Reconnect it after waiting about 30 seconds for the restart.

Make Sure You Have A Working Internet Connection

  • The Sling TV stream can buffer or become stuck when loading due to a poor internet connection.
  • Make sure you check your router and modem and check for any warning light.
  • Make sure that all the lighting that needs to be on during normal usage are on.
  • If you suspect there’s an issue, restart the router.
  • A quick reboot can help since it restores all temporary settings that could cause the buffering problem.

Try switching Wi-Fi channels

  • If you own a dual band router, it can support 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz wireless bands.
  • The device you’re employing Sling TV with could be having problems regarding the Wi-Fi channel you are currently using.
  • Try switching the Wi-Fi band using the settings of your router.

To accomplish this:

  1. Log into your router
  2. Click on Wireless Settings.
  3. If your router has dual-band support it will show a band option at the top of the screen.
  4. Change the band setting to something different from the current band.
  5. Make sure to restart the router.

Check whether your stream buffers or has loading problems.

Contact Your ISP

  • Since the Federal government repealed net neutrality laws, the internet service providers have started to slow down internet speeds for competing streaming services in order to boost their own.
  • If you’re Sling TV is having loading problems and you’re not connected to DISH, the odds are your ISP has been limiting your internet connection you are using Sling TV.
  • Get in touch with your ISP and ask them to determine if they’re slowing your connection.
  • If they are, talk with them in order to get that soft block taken away.

Connect to a Wired Connection

  • Try connecting via wired if you used Wi-Fi for all this period and you’re sure that your ISP wasn’t throttling your connection.
  • If your TV comes with an Ethernet port, connect it to it.
  • Make sure you use a top-quality cable, such as one like the DbillionDa Cat8 cable.
  • It comes with gold-plated connectors on the end to ensure extra durability. It also is compatible with Gigabit speeds to aid in the future-proofing of your internet connection.

Use Mobile Data

  • If a wired connection did not work you, connect the device you are watching Sling via the Internet using mobile data.
  • For TVs, switch off the WiFi hotspot using your phone , then connect your Television to the hotspot just as the way you connect to a normal Wi-Fi network.
  • However, be aware that phones are more expensive and restrictive than Wi-Fi and you could be charged additional charges if you use your usage of data exceeds the limits of the limit of your phone plan.

Reboot the device you’re streaming On.

  • An issue with loading can occur due to your television or phone.
  • Restart the device on which you stream Sling TV and are having problems loading.
  • A restart will reverse any changes to settings made by your device and caused the issue with loading.

Help troubleshoot Your Sling TV App

  • The Sling TV application is known to be plagued by some bugs and issues it is possible that a glitch in the software was the cause of the issue with loading.
  • In the beginning, try disconnecting then log back in. Then create a stream once more.
  • If it’s still loading access the app’s properties, then clear cache.

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To remove the cache from your Sling TV app on Android:

  1. Go to Settings. Settings menu.
  2. Click on the Apps list.
  3. Locate the Sling TV app in the list or by using the search function.
  4. Click to go to Sling TV.
  5. Tap Storage
  6. Tap Clear Data, then Clear cache

To delete any caches of apps iOS:

  1. Start the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to General Settings > iPhone storage.
  3. Choose Sling TV. Open the Sling TV app and choose “Offload App.”
  4. Verify that the cache is cleared.

Make sure to check for updates on the app and.

The update includes fixes for bugs, meaning that this update could have resolved the issue you’re experiencing.

If the issue is still there Then uninstall the app and then reinstall it from either the App Store or from the Play Store.

Contact Support

  • If neither of the troubleshooting procedures resolved the loading issue Sling should be contacted. Sling could be the next step.
  • Discuss the issue and solutions you’ve tried prior to this point.
  • If they think the problem requires a solution then they’ll escalate it to ensure that it gets dealt with as soon as possible.
  • They may also offer an incentive to make it easier for example, a free month-long subscription or huge discounts.
  • All you need to do is speak to them and make them aware of how serious the issue is.

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Final Thoughts

Sling TV is an excellent option for those looking to reduce streaming expenses or clear out your living space.

But you’ll need an equipment to stream local channels.

Fortunately, their box, dubbed the Air TV is as compact as the modem that can be tucked away into the most minimalist living spaces.

You could even include an universal remote with an RF blaster to control the device you’re using to watch Sling TV on and to control your audio equipment as well.

Universal remotes can further simplify your home as a single remote is able to control almost everything.

Sling Tv Not Working

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