When you are excited about shopping, you are more likely to spend a lot of money. In fact, let me correct, you waste a lot of money on shopping while you are excited about a new fashion look. 

What does it mean? It means that most people spend a lot of money on buying fashionable and trendy dresses or accessories whereas; they can be stylish without spending a lot of money. If you know how to shop on a budget, and how to spend money cleverly, you can adopt any latest fashion without breaking your budget.

Here are some tips for you about how to spend money and look fashionable on a budget. 

You Should Know Your Measurements

It is important to know your measurements and to know what size dress would look perfect on your body shape. Some girls shop for clothes without tiring them in the trial room. As a result, they buy clothes which are not fit for their body.

Especially it happens when buying undergarments. Girls hesitate to try their hipsters or bras before they buy. In fact, they don’t know the exact size of the bra as well. You should know how to measure bra size UK or US standard at home and then always look for the correct bra size. 

The same goes with tops or shorts or even jeans. You should know what is your waist, the size of your chest and what type of clothes will fit you.

Spend More Money on Tops

Shorts and trousers are usually don’t have that much impact on your style and look as the tops do. You can wear a lot of different tops with the same denim jeans and every time you will look different. 

So, instead of buying more jeans or trousers, you should spend more money on your tops, shirts or blouses. Once you have more options to choose a top from your wardrobe, you would look different every time. 

With different styles of tops, perfect hairstyles, and makeup like a barbie, you can even look like a real life barbie. But it all depends on your body shape and whether you know about your measurements or not. 

Don’t Buy on Excitement

Don’t spend money when you are excited. If you feel that you have to buy this product at any cost, you might regret it after buying it. Because when the excitement is over and you feel normal, you will come to know that you didn’t want this product at all. 

A clever salesperson will try to excite you. So, don’t buy anything when you are excited. Wait for some time, think about it, and then make your decision.

Shop Your Wardrobe First

This is one of the best frugal female fashion tips that anyone can provide you. What does it mean to shop your wardrobe first? It means that when you are going shopping, first check your wardrobe carefully and look if you have anything that you haven’t used for a long time?

You might find trousers or a stylish shirt that you didn’t wear for a long time because you gained extra weight. But now, that shirt might fit you again. So why waste money on a new shirt? Save your money and get that shirt out of your wardrobe and look stylish again with that perfect shirt. 

By Manali