What is happiness? Is it feeling like you’re home or wandering around in new places? Does happiness depend on the quality of life or a solid salary? What can be the source of happiness for digital nomads and expats? Is it working from the beach or living somewhere where the sun never stops shining? Or are safe countries the happiest ones?

Oddly enough, the world’s happiest countries are mostly the ones that are buried under the snow for most of the year: the Nordic countries. Here are some of the factors that make them the happiest countries in the world:

  • GDP per capita
  • Healthy life expectancy
  • Low corruption 
  • High social trust
  • Generosity in the community
  • Freedom while making life decisions

Find the most happiest country determined by World Happiness Report’s survey below:

  1. Finland

Finland is the happiest country in the world in 2022.

For starters, Finland is one of the world’s safest countries. Even if you lose your wallet, it more often than not finds its way back to you. 

Finland’s happiness doesn’t show itself by an extreme jolliness; it’s deeper beneath the surface. It’s more about enjoying the simplest things in life. Taking pleasure in a quick swim in the chilling sea before work or watching the tranquil landscapes provide the Finnish an appreciation for life as it is. In this sense, their happiness is much more sustainable. 

  1. Denmark

Denmark ranks the second happiest country due to a considerably high level of trust among the community and toward the monarch, government, and other institutions attached to these bodies. These deep roots of trust encourage altruistic behavior and provide a strong sense of equality. 

Residency equals paying very fancy taxes in Denmark but residents are okay with this because they get sophisticated education and excellent healthcare and a very high quality of life in return.

  1. Iceland

Despite the horrible winters they endure, Icelandic people are one of the jolliest in the world. This is mostly due to being very healthy and living in an environment of cultural acceptance. 

Iceland offers a very high quality of life alongside access to excellent healthcare and mesmerizing landscapes. The natural beauty of the country contributes greatly to Icelandic happiness. 

  1. Switzerland 

It’s not only wealth that makes Switzerland the fourth happiest country in the world but also trust, equality, and honesty in society, alongside good health.

In addition to these, the weather and the location of the country contribute to its happiness because people enjoy the lake and the beach during summer and skiing wherever during winter. 

  1. The Netherlands

With its welcoming liberal environment, high quality of life, and great work-life balance, the Netherlands rank fifth happiest country in the world. 

Good health due to a lot of physical activity is another factor that contributes greatly to happiness, as well.

  1. Luxembourg

Its historic texture and wonderful nature add undeniable beauty to Luxembourg. Together with the countless activities the country offers, this beauty results in a very high level of happiness.

Cultural diversity and the recreational atmosphere in the country also help this happiness to grow. 

  1. Sweden 

Sweden is another Nordic country that ranks one of the ten happiest countries in the world. This is because of the excellent work-life balance that allows Swedish residents to enjoy family time or a walk in nature. Sweden also depends greatly on social equality, another factor leading to happiness. 

  1. Norway

Great health, good government, excellent working conditions, and an environment of freedom, altruism, and trust bring a great deal of happiness to the Norwegians. 

Norway’s strong economy and well-established welfare system add to this happiness, as well. 

  1. Israel

Strong social bonds, a steady economy, and good health care create a feeling of security, which leads to happiness in Israel. 

The historical and archaeological sights, the sea, and the great food all contribute to Israel’s happiness. 

  1. New Zealand

Offering one of the world’s most sophisticated welfare systems, New Zealand provides its residents a great level of happiness 

New Zealanders don’t overwork, instead they enjoy life in all its peacefulness and activeness. There are tons of outdoor activities to do in New Zealand such as skiing, hiking, and skydiving. There’s no need to mention the fantastic nature at all. 

The Wrap Up

That’s all for an overview of the world’s happiest countries. To sum it up, long and healthy life expectancy, a high level of support in the community, low corruption, trust, and generosity are the main factors that bring countries happiness. When combined with beautiful nature and high living standards, these aspects make the happiest countries. 

Reach out and let us learn about your experience if you ever lived in one of these countries. Are the results of the World Happiness Report’s survey correct?

By Manali