People who wish to attempt SUP riding at their leisure or just go for a ride on the tides should rent a stand-up paddle board. This is a fun experience, and you can definitely get the best SUP rental services with Lobster Shack. In this article, we will be looking at some of the places you can visit with SUP rental in WA. Before we look at these places, here are some of the features of the perfect SUP board:

  1. The perfect Hull design.
  2. Good width for speedy and easy gliding. 
  3. Perfect height and width.
  4. The right thickness and volume.
  5. The right length
  6. The perfect construction.
  7. A good fin setup.
  8. A variety of designs to choose from

Completing your SUP rental with Lobster Shack guarantees that you can get the perfect board without any complications. Our boards are designed to give you the perfect displacement you need to glide the right way.

Places you can visit with SUP rental in WA

Now that you know that you can and will always get the best with the Lobster Shack, here are some of the best places to visit with SUP rental in WA. SUP Central WA runs from a number of locations, all of which are well shielded from prevailing breezes and are central to Perth’s CBD.

Swan River Board Hire (Perth CBD)

The Swan River flows from the Swan Coastal Plain, which covers about 100,000 square kilometers (39,000 square miles) in the total catchment area. The river has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters, though this balance looks to be shifting as a result of climate change. 

The Swan River flows downhill over the coastal plain to its mouth at Fremantle, beginning on the edge of the Darling Scarp. From 1 to 8 hours, you can rent a board. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great family sport that is both fun and economical. A complete safety briefing is offered. Included are a paddle and a leash.

Cervantes, WA Board Hire

Cervantes is a tiny, modern fishing community and vacation resort with important attractions such as The Pinnacles, one of the country’s most spectacular geological formations, and a massive rock lobster processing business that offers both cruises and a lunch featuring its product. Hire Stand Up Paddleboards at the Lobster Shack to explore the water on your own. 

To rent a board, you don’t need any prior paddling expertise. On land, we’ll give you a quick orientation and make sure your gear is set up properly. Hire is contingent on availability (there are a limited number of board sizes) and weather conditions.

Bottom Line

Stand Up Paddleboard Hire is one of the best ways to enjoy a holiday by yourself or with friends and family. These are some of the best places you can visit with SUP rental in WA, and Lobster Shack is the best place to get your SUP rental without any problems whatsoever.

By Manali