Online learning has seen a swift shift over the decade. In addition, the last few years of the covid pandemic made it more dramatic. Earlier it was expected that by the end of 2030, schools will turn online too. However, we saw it happening too soon. While many students are happy with this mode of learning, a few are sad. They keep asking their friends to do my class for me. Of course, we cannot blame them either. All of it happened very suddenly and the scholars got no time to make students familiar with online education. They had to gauge everything themselves and dealing with tech navigations is not the piece of cake for everyone.

Tech-savvy students adapted to this change quickly but many are still suffering today. Below are words of mouth from six online learners of 247 Exam Help who took all their online classes and have a lot to say about them. Let’s begin reading what they think. . .

Difficult But Not Impossible 

To be very honest, online learning was difficult for me at first. I am someone who has no interest in computers and tech gadgets. Therefore, I used to run away from my online classes. From the student who was the teacher’s favorite, I went to the student who teachers would always get angry with. My results started weakening. Though I wanted to work hard, online learning was just not for me and I literally gave up. I told my instructor how hard I am struggling with online classes and can’t continue anymore until we shift to physical ones again.

This was when my perception changed. He told me that classes going back to normal are not happening soon and we have to make peace with online learning. He told me some tactics like getting a good internet, exploring the tech devices and applications, practicing time management, etc. to make up my mind and I kid you not it worked.

I was not expecting such a quick change but once I altered my habits and finally made up my mind, I found online learning stress-free. I know it’s tricky but was not as much as I thought. It took me good 6 months to get a grip but once I started treating online classes correctly, it was not that difficult. At least not impossible.

Comfort Of Home

Online learning was a dream coming true for me. Being a morning person, I never really enjoyed waking up early. Neither for my school nor college. The covid pandemic brought a lot of destruction to everyone but for me, it was the right time to work on myself. The comfort of attending my classes at my home is something I will forever miss.

I was so happy with online learning that I actually took part in 28 online data science certification courses and now I’m soon enrolling in the 29th. From an average student to a position holder, it was only possible because of online learning. I don’t know how people don’t like taking their classes online. For me, they were interesting. I would wait all day for them so I could finally say hi to my classmates and interact with them.

Anywhere & Anytime 

Since I like learning at my own pace, I found online classes too cool. Like just imagine you’re waking up on your own time, taking classes wherever and whenever you want! Man, I miss online learning days. I didn’t enjoy seeing my boring classroom daily and attending the boring lectures. Maybe this is why online classes were more fascinating for me. I would daily choose different study stations and take my classes there. After the lockdowns were eased, I also went to nearby cafes and libraries to enjoy my online classes with my favorite coffee.

Tech Literacy 

I had a very minimum computer knowledge and always wanted to learn more about it. The hustle of student life always kept me behind it. I wanted to know more about virtual reality, search engines, the world wide web, etc. and online learning made it possible for me.

From navigating different pages and sites to learning courses via gamification, I had a thrilling experience with online learning. To be honest, I was confused and the thought of learning from a screen was a bit daunting but I thoroughly enjoyed my time taking online classes. I loved this mode of learning so much that now I am planning to enroll myself in online courses to gain more knowledge of computers and AI engineering.

Online Learning Space

What a game-changer learning from the other side of the screen has been for me. I found my best friend in a typical online English course. Do you know what’s surprising? Both of us are from different countries and never knew each other. Likewise, I made so many new connections and my network increased crazily. Now all of us learn together and take different online courses together. Recently, In February, my best friend who lives in Pakistan visited me and I am so thankful to these online classes for this! 


So, my friends here are all the practical knowledge you need to know about online learning. From real-time assistance to ease of home and finding good friends, online classes offer all. If you still plan to register yourself in online courses, pick out the best platforms now. We hope, like the above students, you won’t ask your friends to take my online exam as well and attend all your online classes yourself. Good Luck!

By Manali