CA Final Subjects 2022

The CA Final is the final and most challenging level of the CA Course, and you must work very hard to pass it. Because of its extensive syllabus and difficult subjects, the CA Final is regarded as one of the hardest exams of India.

Yes, the CA Final subjects are difficult and vast, and students must begin their preparation from Day 1 if they want to pass the exams. As we all know, when we practice and prepare for a subject alone, we become experts. But it becomes more difficult when you have to prepare for a subject in addition to 7 other CA Final Subjects.

Students around the nation are currently waiting for the CA Final May 2022 result. The results for CA Finals usually range from 8% to 10%. At this level, 80% of students take three or more attempts. Given the extensive CA Final syllabus, it is exceedingly challenging to finish it in under six months. The three years of the articleship period are sufficient to take a CA aspirant’s attention away from their academics. Students during this time shift their attention away from academics and toward work.

We at VSI Jaipur have developed some CA final preparation tips that can assist you in creating a solid strategy for how to pass the CA final exam to make this process a little easier.

VSI Preparation Tips for CA Final Subjects:

The ICAI CA Final Subjects of the new syllabus consists of 8 subjects divided into two groups. The CA Final subjects list is as follows:

CA Final Subjects Group 1 (New Syllabus)

1. Paper 1- Financial Reporting (100 Marks)
2. Paper 2- Strategic Financial Management (100 Marks)
3. Paper 3- Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics (100 Marks)
4. Paper 4- Corporate and Economic Laws (100 Marks)

CA Final Subjects Group 2 (New Syllabus)

1. Paper 5- Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation (100 Marks)
2. Paper 6A- Risk Management (100 Marks)
3. Paper 6B- Financial Services and Capital Markets (100 Marks)
4. Paper 6C- International Taxation (100 Marks)
5. Paper 6D- Economic Laws (100 Marks)
6. Paper 6E- Global Financial Reporting Standards (100 Marks) 7. Paper 6F- Multidisciplinary Case Study (100 Marks)
8. Paper 7- Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation (100 Marks)
9. Paper 8- Indirect Tax Laws (100 Marks)

The CA Final Course papers each carry 100 marks. To crack the exam, you need to get 40% in each topic and 50% in aggregate of all CA Final subjects. To achieve the best CA Final outcome, you must practise enough CA Final papers, including MTPs and RTPs, and revise correctly.

Students can download the CA Final subjects pdf from the ICAI official website.

How Students can Approach CA Final Subjects?

Before you begin your preparation, go over the CA Final new subject syllabus for the relevant subject. Then determine which topics are most crucial by analysing trends in CA final exam question papers. It would help if you concentrate most of your CA Final preparation time on the topics with the highest likelihood of coming in the exam. Furthermore, give special attention to Amendments and new additions.

Approaching the CA Final Syllabus

Studying the entire CA Final Syllabus is impossible. Herein lies the significance of intelligent work. Examine the CA Final practice exams, study guides, and past papers, underlining the most crucial information before adjusting your preparation.

CA Final Preparation Strategy

1. While attending Articleship Training, a student is expected to dedicate at least two hours every day to studying and thoroughly preparing for exams well in advance. Start by taking one CA Final subject, complete it and move to the next one.

2. Hard work of at least 14 to 16 hours each day is expected during the leave period.

3. Set priorities based on the significance of the topics. As a result, you can work harder on such CA Final subjects. You can consult former exam papers, academy-created practice exams, or apps to prioritise the topics.

4. The students must read the study material and practice using the practice handbook. A student may refer to it whenever a certain topic or concept is unclear.

5. Mock exams are a crucial component of CA Final preparation. You should solve the question papers for the CA Final subjects that you have completed. Mock exams will help you identify your advantages, weaknesses, and growth areas. As a result, you may focus on the areas that need work.

6. Students should consult the proposed answers to the questions from the last five or six exams as well as the practice test papers. It is strongly advised to answer the questions first, without consulting the solutions, before comparing the results. Such a strategy would assist in identifying the error and the answer writing style.

7. Section and its provision must be accurately cited in legal documents. A student should not quote the Section number if he or she is unsure of it.

8. Prepare proper notes of each CA Final subject you have finished. It will be simple and handy while revising the material during the examination days.

General Preparation Tips by VSI Toppers

Check the preparation tips from the VSI toppers for studying the CA Final subjects;

1) Using too many books as references can be confusing. You must ascertain the requirements before making any book decisions. If you start reading so many books, you will lose interest in that subject.

2) The trends indicate that questions from the Practice Manual questions should be expected. You must read practice manuals thoroughly.

3) Try to limit your use of mobile and television.

Every step in CA has a different degree of difficulty; thus, achieving your goals will always depend on your commitment and respect for your schedule. If you are serious about reaching your potential, you must prepare for each level of this course. I hope these VSI pointers may assist you in getting a great CA Final Result.

By Manali