Air duct cleaning is now a vital obligation for everyone using an HVAC system to cool and heat their residential or commercial spaces. In actuality, the proper functionality of your entire HVAC system depends on the cleanliness of its components, and the air ducts are among the priority elements you should clean and inspect regularly. So when it comes to the question, “Should you have the aid ducts cleaned, the answer will almost always be “yes.”

And more importantly, if you explore air duct cleaning from industry experts like those from Clean Air Doctors: Air Duct Cleaning, you will agree that poorly maintained ducts and filters cause pollution-related diseases and compromise your space’s airflow. So, to prevent these consequences, let’s explore why you should clean your air ducts and the best ways you can do it.

The Best Methods for Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Usually, the best way to clean your air ducts depends on the number of contaminants you want to clear. And sometimes, the method is determined by the size and the model of your HVAC system and if you can open it or not. But generally, here are some of the best yet most effective air duct cleaning methods.

Breaking the Contaminants

If you can open and reinstall your HVAC system, the best way to clean its air ducts is by breaking the contaminants loose. This way, you remove the sources of these contaminants, thus wholly eradicating future contaminations caused by remaining particles when you use other methods. And to break the contaminants, use agitation tools such as air whips, compressed air nozzles and brushes. Attach these devices to hand-bushing machines or a contact vacuuming device, then perfectly clean the system and its ducts. 

Collecting the Contaminants

With this method, you use it when cleaning the entire HVAC system. This way, you place the whole conditioning unit under a continuous application of negative pressure through a vacuuming machine and allow the pressure to spread the contaminants to areas you can easily pick them up or collect them through a contaminant catching net. 

In addition, while other contaminants collect themselves around areas, you can catch them while tiny particles become airborne and flow into open spaces through the circulating air. As a result, when you turn off the conditioner, and the pressure reduces, these particles collect themselves around the corners of your house and sometimes under furniture, making it effortless to remove them.

Using Chemicals

If other methods don’t help clean your air ducts, shifting to chemicals can help. These chemicals start with antimicrobial chemicals such as disinfectants, deodorizers, and sanitizers. You can apply them around your HVAC system’s nonporous areas to address microbial contamination and prevent smelly odors. But because each of these products works independently, let’s find out how each can be an option.

How to Clean Air Ducts Through Sanitization

Naturally, sanitizers clean air ducts by removing tiny microorganisms, including germs, which can cause health implications. And when in use, take the sanitizer and smear it around the HVAC system. Plus, if you can open the system and access the air ducts, do so and also spread them with the sanitizer. Afterward, allow the sanitizer to penetrate before wiping the excess amount and closing the system. 

Also, remember to wipe excess chemicals to prevent them from causing rusting, which can also lead to the ducts’ malfunctions primarily due to coating. And when correctly done, sanitization helps remove mold smells, bacterial odors and lingering scents caused by pet dander.  

How to Clean Air Ducts Through Disinfection

The difference between sanitation and disinfection when cleaning your air ducts comes from the chemicals used. For example, while most sanitizing chemicals help clean your HVAC unit’s porous surfaces, disinfectants clean your system’s metallic surfaces, including the air ducts and filters. And instead of getting confused about the best disinfectant to use, you can embrace Sporicidin. This chemical is approved by both the FDA and EPA, which are the authorities that allow the use of household chemicals in the States and most places worldwide.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

You already know that the air ducts allow the efficient flow of air throughout your space. And when these ducts are clean, you automatically get the below benefits.

Improved Health

With clean air ducts, you will reduce the cases of asthmatic and allergic attacks caused by dirt and dust.

Increased HVAC System Lifespan

When air ducts are clean and perfectly working, you increase the lifespan of your conditioning unit, considering it won’t struggle to operate, which automatically reduces the odds of malfunctions and breakdowns.

By Manali