The most common bathtub chosen by customers is porcelain or acrylic. No wonder that more and more people are opting for an alternative material, such as stone. Certainly, more than one person will be surprised and will forever change their beliefs after reading the following text.

Choosing a bathtub made of natural stone, such as marble or granite, is not just about following the fashion for natural products. It is also a real feeling of joy, pleasure and also durability. Hence, quite a few people choose to invest in solid rock bathtubs as well, and they are very happy about it.

The durability and design of the products are so popular that many customers use stone bathtubs not only in bathrooms. They are also installed in bedrooms, on terraces and even in gardens. At the same time, customers themselves are delighted with the bathtubs’ unique feel on the skin, the comfort of lying down and the lack of words to describe it. The end result is that many of them can not imagine a bathtub or sink made of any other material than stone afterwards. In fact, it can be said that every time they touch the bathtub, they are reminded that it is 100 percent nature.

Interestingly, many people, based on their experience with cold stone from the river, were of the opinion that a stone bathtub is always cold. But now, after experiences with bathtubs exposed to the outdoors, everyone agrees that the stone retains and maintains room temperature. It takes a lot of effort to cool it down. On average, the indoor temperature is 21-23 degrees, and that is what the bathtub is. Pouring warmer water into it, allows you to enjoy long moments of communing with nature within the four walls of your apartment or house. People who have installed stone bathtubs in the garden or on an outdoor terrace have noticed that in the summer months, for example, when the stone heated up during the day – in the evening and at night it remained much warmer than the air temperature. This was surprising to many, as the difference was a few degrees, and touching the stone caused a palpable heat beating off the stone. The sensations of such a bath during the day, after pouring very cold water, or in the evening after filling the tub with warmer water, are indescribable. And investing in even a large , two or three person stone bathtub for the garden is definitely a hit.

The material was created courtesy of Lux4home

By Manali