You should know my name without any wrong guesses because the title is enough for it.

Come on, say it loud!

The Public Voice, “Chocolaaaaaateeeee”.

And with that, you all know, Chocolate has everything to love, and there is nothing to hate about. 

You may know it as a food item, but it is more of a flavour and has left the world in awe since its so-called debut. While most of us have our childhood attached to Chocolate, many are still in love with it to the moon and back. And if you are reading this, it defines that you are one hell of a person who gets all Gaga by hearing, seeing, or speaking of Chocolate. 

It is time to let us go through the points of love that chocolates have instilled forever:

The Taste Your Taste buds Cry For

Oh, so heavenly! Deliciousness and the melt-in-mouth texture that Chocolate is born with is the first thing that makes you feel like love at first sight. Even though you don’t remember how you felt when you first had a bite of Chocolate, you can assume that it was the same way that you still feel when you eat Chocolate. As they show in advertisements, the long blink of eyes and the lift of chin towards the sky with a ‘ummmm’ sound, it is real. 

The Happy Relief You Get

People today talk a lot about mental health and the importance of consulting a psychiatrist, which is worth a lot, but Chocolate has been doing the task of keeping people away from stress. The happiness, the satisfaction, and the relief that Chocolate serves are incomparable to any other thing. Some die-hard chocolate lovers know that a big bar of Chocolate helps more than anything to tackle sadness and bounce back on track. 

‘Love’ To Express ‘Love’

Who doesn’t love to express love, and who doesn’t want to be in love? Well, finding love in Chocolate is different as this love doesn’t stop you from having an affair. Note: we are talking in good faith only, don’t cheat! Chocolate is love that lets you express your love. And the sky states for it that many lovers have found their soulmate and made them accept their love through a gift of Chocolate. And love birds keep their sweethearts happy with gifts of Chocolate. So, ‘love’ to express ‘love’ is so much love!

The Flavour That Makes Your Cravings Worth Satisfying

From your candies to your healthy diet supplements and from traditional sweets to uplifting the taste of dry fruits, Chocolate is used a lot as a flavour which takes us to the point that it is inseparable. We have seen people ordering chocolate flavour cakes through cake delivery in Delhi by Bakingo and having the best of smiles on their faces. We have witnessed people bumping out of the gym with a protein shaker in hand that has scoops of chocolate flavour protein supplements. And we have experienced the fluffiness of baked bread with a pinch of Chocolate in it. So, it means that people love Chocolate no matter what they eat.

The Intimate Side Of Love

Well, if such things offend you, it is time to skip this point. The intimate side of love, the romance, has also been uplifted to thousand folds by Chocolate. Many enjoy a slice of dark chocolate cake before getting intimate, some hop on the chocolate syrup to add the fun of licking, and some opt to have the chocolate flavour contraception. 

The Health Side Of Chocolate Love

It is not just the taste and the fun that Chocolate provides you with. The fact that Chocolate has become so popular is also because of the health benefits. If eaten in the recommended quantity, Chocolate can boost metabolism and keep a person away from any heart problems. While childhood is for taste and joy, adulthood is for fun and thrill, and old age is for health, all through Chocolate.


If you have been reading till here, it proves that you are a gem of Chocolate!

By Manali