Pleading for forgiveness is one thing most people find hard to do. Accepting mistakes and saying the word “sorry” feels like a heavy burden to them. (So this is When you need God)

I remember going against my dad’s rules during my teen years. He came back home, and when he realized I had gone against his rules, he punished me. I sobbed, and everyone blamed me for being at fault. I felt bad and sorry for myself and had to look for ways to be on good terms with my dad.

If you ever feel bad about your sins and past mistakes and are looking for ways to seek God’s forgiveness, then read this post.

To seek God’s forgiveness, do the following:

1. Confess and accept your sins.

Before asking for forgiveness, specifically, mention the wrong thing you did, and accept that you did it. Don’t make excuses or deny the wrongs if you’re feeling guilty. Confessing and accepting your sin makes your body and soul light. Forgiveness is impossible if you don’t admit your wrongs.

2. Recognize your sins.

It’s important to recognize that you did wrong, and if it’s possible, say it out loud or write it down. Recognizing your sins simply means knowing your sins.

3. Be remorseful.

Once you have confessed, accepted, and recognized your sins, be remorseful about them. Be sincerely sorry for your mistakes and apologize for them. Let God see your broken heart and hear your remorseful words.

Let your apology come from the depth of your heart.

4. Be honest with your feelings.

Don’t deceive yourself when asking for forgiveness. God sees and knows your heart. If you make a joke of yourself, don’t be near the mercy seat.

Don’t paint words when asking for forgiveness. Be as real and honest as you can be. Feel the guilt of your sins and his separation from you.

5. Read the Bible.

Search for scriptures that talk about forgiveness in your Bible and encourage yourself with them.

God’s word is powerful, and he encourages you to use it when you speak to him. His words never fade or get old. Use the searched scriptures and make a prayer with them, believing in the words.

6. You believe God has forgiven you.

After you’ve finished praying and reading the Bible, know in your heart that God has forgiven you. Have faith that God loves you and that he died to atone for your sins. If you believe he has forgiven you, never go back to your sins again. Hold firm to the scriptures and overcome the sins with the scriptures.

7. Forgive those who hurt you and ask for forgiveness from those you hurt.

When you have the conviction that God has forgiven you, you need to forgive those who hurt you and reach out to those you hurt too.

Make peace with them and bring back the lost relationships.

8. Forsake your bad behavior.

Once God forgives you for your sin, and by others, for any hurt you may have caused, turn away from that sin. Make a deliberate conclusion that you will not commit the same sin again.

9. Fix yourself in a solid church and keep healthy friends.

You won’t stop sinning immediately after confessing, accepting, admitting, recognizing, and forgiving others. To maintain your chosen path, get yourself into a God-fearing church and keep friends with the same mindset to maintain growth.


Don’t find it hard to ask God for forgiveness. He loves you and has sacrificed himself for your sake.

He is willing and ready to accept you back once you come to him with an honest and broken heart.

By Manali