Love Compatibility

Numerology is a branch of astrology where predictions about a native’s life are made on factors such as their name, destiny number, and date number. Astrologers study the relations between these numbers to make accurate predictions and Love Compatibility  between two people. Numerology offers various tips for people to stay in a healthy and successful relationships. The number of letters in your name is crucial in numerology. Read this article to understand some crucial numerology tips for a successful marriage.

Horoscope matching of bride and groom

When you use numerology to do Love Compatibility, the most critical number is the number of letters in the bride and groom’s names. It is essential to do this before the wedding as an experienced astrologer can help you determine the compatibility between the bride and the groom. According to Numerology, the bride and groom’s kundli should match and be compatible for a healthy marriage. They should only proceed if they are compatible. It is pretty easy to find the name number, and you have to write the names of the bride and the groom in English and count the number of letters in each. 

You must remember that if the sum of the letters in either of the two names is over nine, you must divide it by two and add again. This number is called the enrollment number. For instance, if you get the number 23, 2+3 is 5. If the groom’s number is two and the bride’s number is 3, their qualities match, and their marriage will be successful. 

Numerology tips for marriage

  • Birth order

The order of someone’s birth significantly impacts that person’s personality and thought process. According to numerology, if a couple wants a successful marriage, their birth orders must match. If their birth orders are not the same, they will not be compatible. For example, firstborns are pretty compatible with middleborns. Firstborns also get on quite well with lastborns.

  • Name

A couple should be compatible based on their names if they want to have a happy married life. In Name Compatibility, every letter of the names of the bride and the groom is crucial. For instance, astrologers can study the relationship between a person’s birthdate and the last letter of their name to learn about their libido. This should match a bride and a groom as it is an essential aspect of a couple’s marriage.

  • Concord

Concord is a particular type of pattern that helps in dividing numbers into various groups. The numbers that belong to the same concord tend to have a strong inclination and natural attraction to each other.

For example, the numbers 3, 6, and 9 belong to the same concord. Hence, these numbers are strongly attracted to each other. You can expect to see these numbers forming long-lasting and healthy relationships with each other and are usually associated with each other as well 

  • Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs are assigned according to the birth dates of the natives. A numerologist needs to know the zodiac signs of the bride and the groom for horoscope matching. There are twelve zodiac signs, and each has its character traits. 

  • Guna Milan

Guna Milan is a crucial aspect of horoscope matching. Guna Milan is also called Ashtakoota Milan. For this aspect of horoscope matching, a numerologist matches the good qualities or gunas of the groom and bride. There are eight kootas under which there are 36 gunas. This covers everything from spiritual compatibility to monetary compatibility. A number is assigned for each Guna of the bride and the groom. The numerologist studies the Janam Kundli of the bride and the groom and assigns numbers to each Guna. After this, they are added together, and a score is assigned for their compatibility. If the score is sufficiently high, they can go ahead with their marriage. However, if you’re lower than a certain number, it is strongly advised that the couple should not pursue marriage.

  • Guna Milan score

The Guna Milan score is quite vital before the bride and groom decide to marry each other. A significant number indicates whether their marital future will be happy and successful or bleak and painful. If the score is below 18, there is no possibility of success if the couple gets married. If it’s between 18 to 24, they are compatible. If the score is anywhere between 24 and 32, the marriage will be highly successful. Lastly, if a couple gets a Guna score between 32 and 36, the match is perfect and made in heaven. The marriage will be solid and successful.


Marriage Compatibility is a prevalent practice in Indian culture. Couples are required to match their horoscopes according to numerology before they get married. If Love Compatibility indicated it would be a successful match, they should go ahead and get married.

By Manali