Leg Strengthening Exercises are an important set of exercises that solely deal with the leg strength of the body. Whether you are a daily runner or a senior citizen, a healthy body and Strong legs are the most valuable assets for anyone. In addition, strong legs give you the agility and freedom to perform your daily chores without any problems. But the constant improvement of lifestyle leaves very little room for professional help for strength training. That’s why we accumulated a list of the eight best leg strengthening exercises that you can easily perform in your home.

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1.Step Up

 Step up is one of the easiest leg strengthening exercises you can do at your home.

You also don’t need any fancy equipment to perform it. Just a small table or chair if not available you can also use the staircase of your house for exercise. Just step over the chair or step and return and continue it with another leg. This exercise may look simple, but Setups work on your Calf muscle and Thigh muscles and provide strength to them.

2. Squats

Squats may look like a simple exercise, but its benefits are limitless from calf to lower back muscle. It is a complete lower body workout. All you have to do is properly maintain your posture while performing squats to get maximum results. Stand your leg apart and slowly sit down to the point where your hip and knees become aligned and return to standing. Repeat this till you feel comfortable. But maintain your upper body’s posture during the whole process.

3. Kettlebell Swing 

 Kettlebell Swing is one of the exercises that focuses on the whole body but is equally effective for your leg, pelvic, and core muscle strength. It will increase your blood flow and provide strength to your muscles. That’s why it is one of the prominent Leg strengthening exercises. To perform it, grab a kettlebell with both hands and keep your leg apart. Next, lift the Kettlebell from the ground and swing it. Repeat till you feel comfortable.

4. Calf Raise 

Calf raise is one of the leg strengthening exercises for runners. Stand straight on the floor and raise your body with the help of your toes and do it repeatedly for 10 to 12 times. It will immensely affect your calf muscle. But for beginners, try to perform it slowly; otherwise, you may feel cramps on your calf muscle.

5. Lounge

To perform a lunge, stand straight, extend your right leg, and slowly move forward until your extended leg’s thigh is parallel to the ground and your other knee is on the ground. Then do it once more using your left foot. This process will help you increase your thigh, Calf and Lower back muscle strengthening. In the beginning, You can do this without using any hardware. If you feel it is easy for you, try holding some weight in your hands while performing in the lounge. you can do with your regular yoga for erectile dysfunction to strengthen your pelvic muscles & leg muscles that can help you control sexual dysfunction naturally.


6. Single-Leg Deadlift

To perform a single-leg deadlift, you need some weight. Stand straight and lift the weight on your right arm and raise your right leg from the ground while maintaining the whole body weight on the left leg. Hold for some time and repeat the process with the left hand. These leg strengthening exercises will help you increase body balance and leg strength.

7. Knee Curls 

Knee Curls is a stretch exercise that helps you improve knee movement. Stand along with a chair or wall and lift one leg and bend your knee and try to reach your toes towards your buttocks. Hold for some time and repeat with the other leg.

8. Knee Extension

Knee extension is one of the leg strengthening exercises that focuses on knee strength and Thigh muscle strength. To perform it, you have to sit on a chair, add some weight to your ankle, and raise your leg towards the sky. Then, hold for some time and perform with the other leg. 

Bottom Line

 All of the above Leg strengthening Exercises are easy and doable at home. However, in Some exercises, you need weights to perform them. You can also use their different variations to make exercises more intense. But try to complete these exercises before moving to the next level of Leg strengthening exercises. Must visit – ereleasewire

By Manali