Electic Fireplace

Electric fires are electric warmers that mimic the appearance of coal, wood, or gas-burning fireplace. This is commonly accomplished by installing a heater around a fireplace display with a flame effect and, in most cases, a fuel bed. For homes without a typical chimney and flue system, an electric fireplace offer a clever heating alternative. They are also a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient alternative to gas or wood-burning fireplaces, emitting no harmful gasses into the atmosphere. Many people believe that electric flames do not generate heat because of the flame effects. The heater, on the other hand, produces a significant amount of warmth. On many electric fires, the flame effect can be used independently of the heater, allowing you to create a nice ambiance even when no additional heat is required.

Types of electric fires

You can choose from a variety of electric flames, including:

1.       Built-In Electric Fires

The types of built-in electric flames discussed above are a popular choice for media wall installations. They can be placed in a recess to make the fire flush with the wall. This could be a purposefully built recess (such as in a media wall) or an existing fireplace. The heat generated by front-facing heaters is directed into the room rather than being lost inside the recess.

2.       Wall-mounted Electric Fires

Wall-mounted electric fires are similar to built-in electric fires in that they are designed to be hung or installed on a wall (indeed, some electric fires come with fitting choices for both scenarios). If you’re installing the fire on a solid wall rather than a stud wall, and constructing a recess would require building work, this alternative may make more sense.

3.       Freestanding Electric Fires

Electric flames that are freestanding do not require the use of a fireplace or chimney. They can be installed against a wall or on a decorative hearth to provide the appearance of a fireplace, depending on the design.

Why Buy an Electric Fire?

Gas fires were once the most popular type of fire in the United Kingdom. The popularity of wood burners has increased dramatically over the last 15 years. However, the decade of the electric fire appears to be the 2020s. This is due to a number of factors. There are some reasons why people trust these fires. Let us discuss each

1.       Practicality

The first is practicality. An electric fire provides heat at the touch of a button. There’s nothing to light or burn. It starts producing heat as soon as you switch it on. It is also 100 percent efficient at the point of usage because nothing is burned.

2.       Modern Trends

Another explanation is the current state of interior design. At the moment, media walls are extremely popular. Many homeowners are electing to bury TVs and stoves within faux chimney breasts to save space, create fascinating design features and focal points in otherwise boxy living rooms, and produce a beautiful, tidy finish. In these cases, an electric fire is the best option because it does not require as much distance from combustible things as the others. As a result, many homeowners are opting for media walls with built-in electric fireplaces. The trend is continuing to expand as more media wall ideas are shared online.

3.       Safety

One of the most significant advantages of electric fires is that they are much safer than their gas and solid fuel counterparts due to the lack of gas or real flames. Fingers cannot be burned, hair cannot be singed, and most current options contain a safety cutout mechanism, which means the electric supply will cut out instantly if something goes wrong.

4.       No installation cost

Fireplaces have a reputation for being difficult to install due to flues, engineering, installation, and chimneys. One of the best things about an electric fire is how easy it is to set up. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on.

5.       Easy to maintain

Are you tired of cleaning soot from your solid fuel fire or having to service your gas fire every year? As if that wasn’t enough, an electric fireplace requires extremely little upkeep. They don’t need to be maintained or checked on a regular basis; there’s no ash to clean up after each use, and cleaning is minimal because they don’t become that dirty.

6.       Inexpensive

You’ll be looking at a big price tag for a very good quality gas or solid fuel fire. Add in the cost of having it assembled and fitted, and you’re probably reconsidering your decision to buy a fire! In comparison, going electric is a breath of fresh air. An electric fireplace can be purchased for under a hundred pounds, and electric fireplace suites are frequently delivered completely constructed, and ready to use.

7.       100% Efficiency

That’s right, you read that correctly. It’s common knowledge that gas and solid fuel fireplaces can lose up to 60% of the heat they create through the chimney. With electric fire, 100% of the heat produced is directed to where it should be in your living room! This not only results in greater heat where it counts, but it also means you’ll save money on continuing operating costs. At Nexus, we offer a wide range of cheap electric fires with different styles like Inset, Tunnel, 2 Sided, 3 Sided, Wall-Mounted fire, electric wall fires, Freestanding electric fires and many more from top brands like Dimplex, Evonic & Flamerite.

By Manali